Friday 14th August 2020

It’s time to clear your mind with the
Super Shine Mastermind

Every weekday at 3:20pm Jonathan Knight is going to ask a question that you need to figure out the answer to.
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Are you a Mastermind?

We’ll find out just how sharp you are!…. or not!

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Q:  90% of schools will serve this at lunch this year. What is it?”

A: Hamburgers

Congratulations:  Janice in Marshalltown


Q: ”36% of women never get rid of this. What is it?”

A: Jeans

Congratulations: Corey from Des Moines


Q:  ”66% of people do this when they are bored. What is it?”

A: Shop

Congratulations:  Ashley in Marshalltown


Q:  ”33% of people say if they had to choose a final meal they would eat this. What is it?”

A: Fried chicken

Congratulations: Doug from Marshalltown


Q:  ”11% of men believe they look guilty when they do this for their partner. What is it?”

A: clean the house

Congratulations:  Teagan of Marshalltown


Q:  ”21% of mothers say if they were given an extra hour everyday they would use the hour to ___________ . What is it?”

A: Read

Congratulations: Meghan in Marshalltown


Q:  “21% of women would rather give this up than their social media accounts. What is it?”

A: Wine

Congratulations:  Debbie in Tama


Q:  “33% of people have borrowed this without permission. What is it?”

A:  Password for Netflix or Amazon Prime

Congratulation: Charity in Tama


 Q: “10% of drivers have almost crashed while wearing this. What is it?”

A: Flip Flops

Congratulation:  Levi in Grinnell


Q: “33% of kids refuse to eat this. What is it?”

A: Mushroom

Congratulation:  Brandon in Le Grand


Q: “People use this on a daily basis. It has 106 times more bacteria and germs than a toilet seat. What is it?”

A: water bottle

Congratulation:  Abby in Tama


Q:  “7% of hotel housekeepers have found this left behind in a room. What is it?”

A: eyeglasses

Congratulation:  Dave in Grundy Center


Q: “35% of singles have decided not to go on a second date with someone because they didn’t like this about them. What is it?”

A: Their cologne or perfume

Congratulation: Lyle in Chelsea


Q:  “20% of people have lied about this on their resume. What is it?”

A: Their awards

Congratulation: Kyle in State Center


Q:  “33% of parents do this before going back to school shopping. What is it?”

A: apply for a new credit card

Congratulation: Mike in Marshalltown


Q:  “The average person waits five weeks before discussing this with their new partner. What is it?”

A: Religion

Congratulations:  Justin in Clutier


Q:  “56% of women won’t leave the house until this looks perfect. What is it?”

A: Eyebrows

Congratulations:  Dee from Elderon


Q:  “Around 15% of homes have one of these. What is it?”

A: smart speaker or virtual assistant like Alexa, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod

Congratulations:  Mitch in Pella


Q:  “9% of women believe they are more productive at work when they are wearing this. What is it?”

A:  Their favorite lipstick color

Congratulations: Dave in Marshalltown


Q:  “8% of Millenials do this on a regular basis while driving. What is it?”

A: Video chat (Skype or FaceTime)

Congratulations: Vivian of Belle Plaine


Q: “92% of women love when this makes a man cry. What is it?”

A: Wedding

Congratulations: Connie in Marshalltown


Q: “44% of people say they have to do this on vacation. What is it?”

A: Walk on a beach at sunset

Congratulations:  Andrea from Garwin


Q:  “Men (55%) now do this more than women (43%) during the school year. What is it?”

A: Prepare kid’s lunches

Congratulations: Jenna in Nebraska


Q: “18% of women have gotten this behind their partner’s back. What is it?”

A: A credit card

Congratulations: Gail in Garwin


Q: “8% of people have checked this while on the toilet. What is it?”

A: Messages from their dating profile

Congratulations: Sam in Melbourne


Q: “15% of people say this is the most romantic place to share a kiss. Where is it?”

A: In front of a fireplace

Congratulations:  Clay in Sully


Q: “37% of men do this seven times a week while driving. What is it?”

A: Send a text message

Congratulations: Jamie of Ames


Q:  “72% of people have bought this even though they can’t pronounce it. What is it?”

A:   Wine

Congratulations: Shelly in Newton


Q:  “2% of people have grossed others out by admitting that they kissed this. What is it?”

A:  A Lizard or Snake

Congratulations: Page of State Center


Q:  “37% of people say watching this puts them in a good mood. What is it?

A: a sunset or sunrise

Congratulations: Brad of Marshalltown


Q:  “Normally found in the bedroom, 56% of people have kept one of these for more than 20 years. What is it?”

A: Stuffed Animal

Congratulations: Neveah in Brooklyn


Q:  “12% of people have done this before kissing. What is it?”

A: used Chapstick

Congratulations: Kim in Marshalltown:


Q: 30% of people have done this while driving. What is it?”

A: Driven through a stop light

Congratulations: Johnny the Conquer from Marshalltown


Q: “33% of diehard pet owners have gifted their pet with this on their birthday. What is it?”

A: A Birthday Cake

Congratulations: Melissa in Marshalltown


Q:  “3% of men have done this to improve the appearance on their frontside. What is it?”

A: Wax their Chest

Congratulations: Carley in Lutier


Q:  “Doing this household chore burns 41 calories. What is it?”

A: Folding Laundry

Congratulations: James in Eldora


Q: “57% of women won’t date a man, who has this hygiene problem. What is it?”

A: Smelly Feet

Congratulations: Michelle in Steamboat Rock


Q: “20% of people will visit this local outdoor location this Summer. What is it?”

A: Dog Park

Congratulations: Kale and Kajun in Legrand


Q:  “43% of people have experienced this on a road trip. What is it?”

A: A Flat Tire

Congratulations: Gavin in Gillman


Q:  “People, who wear this have no idea that it is three times dirtier than a toilet seat. What is it?”

A: A Watch

Congratulations: Kevin in Laurel


Q:  “37% of Millenials haven’t purchased this grooming essential in the last year. What is it?”

A:  Deodorant

Congratulations: Joey in Grinnell


Q:  “16% of people say this is their least favorite veggie. What is it?”

A: Asparagus

Congratulations: Scott in Steamboat Rock


Q: “98% of fathers love receiving this gift for Father’s Day. What is it?

A: Tools

Congratulations: Andrew in Marshalltown


Q: “This is the top food item that people have broken a diet with while quarantining. What is it?”

A: A piece of Cake

Congratulations: Kimberly in Ames


Q: “27% of vegetarians have eaten this while drunk. What is it?

A: Bacon

Congratulations: Miranda in Marshalltown


Q:  “31% of kids use their pocket money to buy this. What is it?”

A: Video Games

Congratulations: Kellie in Eldora


Q:  “4% of people have lied about this in the education portion of their resume. What is it?”


Congratulations Lisa in Haverhill


Q:   “39% of men have used this product to improve their appearance. What is it?”

A: Spray Tan

Congratulations: Jeremiah in Union


Q: “24% of people have more pictures on their phone of this than their partner. What is it?”

A: Their dog

Congratulations: Dan in Newton


Q:  “28% of people say others shouldn’t wear this article of clothing when dining out. What is it?”

A: Tank Top

Congratulations: Cam in Liscomb


Q: “88% of dog owners do this on a daily basis because they think their dog likes it. What is it?”

A: Sing to them

Congratulations: Jack and mom Lisa from State Center


Q:  “38% of people have borrowed this from a roommate without telling them. What is it?”

A: Lotion

Congratulations: Rosemary of Iowa Falls


Q: Eating this candy, 20% of people mix the flavors to create their own flavor combination. What is it?”

A: Skittles

Congratulations: Kip in Marshalltown


Q:   “42% of people do this when they have a cold. What is it?”

A:  Gargle Salt Water

Congratulations: Terry in Albion


Q:  “30% of parents feel closer to their kids when they do this with them. What is it?”

A: watch TV (Netflix)

Congratulations:  Ron in Marshalltown


Q:   “20% of men have lied to this person. Who is it?”

A:  Their Doctor

Congratulations: Jenny from Conrad


Q:   “Doctors say owning one of these is good for your heart because it makes you more physically active. What is it?”

A: A Dog

Congratulations: Jeanine of Ackworth


Q:  “24% of people never clean this even though they wear it every day. What is it?”

A: Watch

Congratulations: Erin of Des Moines


Q:  “42% of people eat this for breakfast. What is it?’

A: Bacon

Congratulations: Casey in Beaman


Q:  “28% of people do this when they make a home cooked meal. What is it?

A: Listen to music

Congratulations: Rodney in Marshalltown


Q: “80% of people have tasted this produce in a grocery store without paying for it. What is it?”

A: Strawberries

Congratulations: Jason in Beaman


Q:  “46% of parents have made this with their kids while quarantining. What is it?”

A:  Cookies

Congratulations: Kale from Melbourne


Q: “38% of people still do this as adults at the dinner table even though it is childish and immature. What is it?”

A: Blow bubbles in a drink

Congratulations: Chris in Marshalltown


Q: “The average man has never cleaned this in their home. What is it?

A: Inside of their oven

Congratulations: Lucas of Conrad


Q:  “If 20% of brides could go back in time and change this about their wedding, they would. What is it?”

A:  Wedding venue/location

Congratulations: Michelle in Steamboat Rock


Q:“14% of parents place this in Easter baskets. What is it?”

A: Money

Congratulations:  Kelly in Marshalltown


Q:  “37% of women would be willing to give this up in exchange for never having to do housework again. What is it?”

A: alcohol/beer/wine

Congratulations: Paul in Tama


Q:   “13% of people would rather spend a night in jail than do this in the Spring. What is it?”

A: File taxes

Congratulations: Mike in Colfax


Q:  “15% of cheating men have owned this pet. What is it?”

A: A Reptile

Congratulations: Missy in Toledo


Q:  “94% of women have used their rear-view mirror to do this while driving. What is it?”

A: Pluck a facial hair

Congratulations:  Amy of Marshalltown


Q:   “21% of people fake this when they want to end a conversation or their time with someone. What is it?”

A: Fake yawn

Congratulations: Alyssa of Altoona

4-2-20 –

Q:  “76% of college students experience this at one time or another. What is it?”

A: Going broke (no money)

Congratulations:  Kim in Marshalltown


Q:  “38% of women dislike it when their partner does this when driving. What is it?”

A: Tailgating

Congratulations:  Dan from Newton


Q:  “40% of women, have this in common when it comes to their appearance. What is it?”

A:  A Tattoo

Congratulations:  Lyle of Chelsea


Q:  “42% of people have this food at every barbecue and cookout. What is it?”

A:  Baked Beans

Congratulations:   Lori of Marshalltown


Q:  “4% of people claim they get their exercise by doing this. What is it?”

A: Playing video games

Congratulations: Tony of Newton


Q: “45% of singles would like to do this adventure on a date. What is it?”

A: hot air balloon ride

Congratulations: Dylan of Baxter


Q: “58% of people do this when their dog has a birthday. What is it?”

A: Sing Happy Birthday

Congratulations: Paren of Union


Q: “20% of people have downed this on a first date. What is it?

A: Tequila

Congratulations: Kathy from Winona MN


Q: “12% of people walk by this once a day at work. What is it?”

A: Vending Machine

Congratulations: Dennis of Gillman


Q: “Women say these are the top two things they like to splurge on. Flowers and ______________. What is it?

A: Jeans

Congratulations: Terry of Beaman


Q: “Drinking three of these a day can cut a man’s cancer risk by 53%. What is it?”

A: Espresso

Congratulations: Mike of Ankeny


Q: Researchers say drinking this makes you smarter because it has high levels of oxygen-enhancing nitrates and nitric oxide. What is it?”

A: Beet Juice

Congratulations: Joe of Marshalltown


Q:  “People are 41% less likely to get a LIKE if they wear _____________ in their dating app and social media pictures. What is it?”

A: Sunglasses

Congratulations: Mike of Marshalltown


Q: “15% of women have done this before a wedding. What is it?”

A: Botox

Congratulations: Paige of Marshalltown


Q: 2% of people own this pet…what is it?

A: Hampster


Q: Online daters, who send messages that compliment someone’s _____ get 11% more responses. What is it?”

A: Eyes