Friday 27th November 2020

Win cash and be crowned the smartest person in KIX Country with the Morning Brain Buster, presented by Strand’s – Flooring & Paint in Marshalltown!

You have your chance every weekday morning on the Morning KIX Start with Brandon Lewis at 6:37 a.m. Listen for the Brain Buster question, brought to you by Strand’s – Flooring & Paint. If you get the question right you win the cash. If no one gets it right during the time limit, the money carries over to the next day until someone wins the Jackpot! Each day it grows in $5 increments.

If you or anyone in your household wins The Brain Buster Jackpot (no matter the amount), you or anyone in your house is not eligible to play again for 30 days. Thank you for listening to KIX 101.1!

11/25/20- Tammy won $5!
Q- A survey found that half of respondents say this is the most stressful item to buy at the store, what is it?
A- A swimsuit.

11/24/20- Jim of Marshalltown won $25!
Q- A new survey found 3 out of 10 people say this is the most valuable thing in their home, what is it?
A- Their pet.

11/23/20- No Winner- Jackpot at $25!
Q- A survey found half of workers have done this, what is it?
A- Dated a co-worker.

11/20/20- No Winner
Q- A coronavirus survey finds 4 out of 10 parents say this has happened during the pandemic, what is it?
A- Child’s behavior has improved.

11/19/20- No Winner- Jackpot at $15
Q- A new survey found 6 out of 10 people have done this more since the pandemic began, what is it?
A- Consumed more coffee at home.