Tuesday 27th October 2020

The List for Tuesday September 15th 2020

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We start today with Garth Brooks talking about winning the ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ Award too many times … Now, Garth took a lot of grief on social media the last time he won the award. “We got killed pretty bad last time we won this…there was one (tweet) that I just loved, that just said basically, ‘Hey man love ya to death but don’t you think it’s time? Say it’s time, love everybody, hug everybody and from here forward just be known as the guy that got to win it this many times” The ACM Awards take place tomorrow on CBS.

Reba McEntire’s next step in her career?  Her new Spotify podcast, Living & Learning with Reba McEntire. Reba sits down with actress Melissa Peterman, Co-star of Reba’s sitcom, Reba. They’ll tackle a different topic in show, which airs on Mondays beginning September 21. The show will be available exclusively on Spotify.

Warner Brothers wants Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker character to meet Robert Pattinson’s Batman character. The website says the pairing may be tough because ”Joker” was set in 1981 and Robert Pattinson’s new Batman movie is set in the present. The website says The CW Network is trying to convince Warner Brothers to let them do a Batman show

James Corden says he’s quarantined himself because he came into contact with someone with the Coronavirus even though HE tested negative for the virus…So he’s doing his show via Zoom. His guest last night was Dr. Phil and he has some great tips on how to stay married “Understand that when your wife says ‘What?” it isn’t that she didn’t hear what you said. She’s giving you a chance to CHANGE what you said, you need to understand that and seize that moment and change what you said…that is your second chance.” Sage advise from the master…

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