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The List for Thursday, February 29th 2024

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Hardy does everything possible to stay connected to his family even if he’s out in the middle of nowhere… He tells People magazine “We don’t get service down where I go hunting”. He brought his hotspot for Wi-Fi and did a TON of Facetime audios. It was tricky but got it done.


A first look at Bill Skarsgard in “The Crow” remake took the goth Internet by storm yesterday.  And not in a good way. His tattooed look as Eric Draven was quick to remind fans of Jared Leto’s Joker in “Suicide Squad”.  After all, there can only be ONE Brandon Lee  “The Crow” hits theaters June 7th.


Did you know that Garth Brooks tried to give “Friends in Low Places” to George Strait?  Luckily, for Garth fans, George’s people passed . . . and the rest is history.


Comedian Richard Lewis died Tuesday night after suffering a heart attack.  He was 76.  He’s best known these days as a member of the cast of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, starring his childhood friend Larry David.

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