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The List for Monday, September 13th 2021

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Today it’s about new music and alternate jobs…we kick off with

Luke Bryan On His New Song, ‘Waves’ … “The first time I heard ‘Waves,’ I was like, ‘Hey, this sounds like a big summer…’ I always like to have a big summer song out there, and ‘Waves’ certainly really checks a lot of those boxes and I think ‘Waves’ was just a right pick for the right kind of summer song.” He admits vocally and production-wise, it’s not something really that he’s ever done, so it was kinda new and fresh


Justin Moore says if it weren’t for country music his life would have gone in a completely different direction “sports therapy” “Less pumpin’ iron and more rehab type stuff with athletes.  That was kinda always in the back of my mind.”


Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Says He Considered Retiring After Last Season .  ”I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove on the field. There were many times during the off season were I didn’t feel like I was ready to fully DO that.  Until I was, you know it was a possibility” After yesterday’s game…maybe he should have spent more time on the practice field…I can tell you watching the Bears game last night was more exciting…


The NY Post reports Bill Cosby is working on a book AND a new TV show. Cosby started talking to producers about his projects while in prison. And Evander Holyfield returned to boxing on Saturday.  It didn’t work out to well for him…  Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort won the fight after the referee stopped it with seconds left in the first round. Evander got knocked down once was told it was over but Evander wasn’t HEARING it…someone should tell him he’s 58

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