Sunday 10th December 2023

The List for Friday, November 17th 2023

Welcome to The List,

Someone has finally come forward to stand up to Taylor Swift.   a Philadelphia Top 40 radio station. The Eagles are playing the Kansas City Chiefs Monday night in K.C. As you also know, Taylor has been all-in on the Chiefs since she started seeing Travis Kelce. Well, they’ve decided to DITCH Taylor in favor of CITY PRIDE.  They’re not playing any of her music this weekend, all the way through Monday.


Toby Keith shared an update on his battle with stomach cancer, and he said he’s doing “pretty good” . . . but he’s still fighting, for himself AND everyone else. “They’re taking great care of me and I’m getting all the latest stuff you can get.  Cancer’s an island and you’re on a boat. Nobody goes over to that island if you don’t have it.  As soon as you crash land on it, there’s a lot of boats there.  Everybody’s got you stuff.  You know if I can survive this, and live to tell my story, Maybe I can save someone else’s life.”


If you’re a Letterman fan…David Letterman is returning to “The Late Show” for the first time since he left.  Of course, it’s now “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.  And David will be Stephen’s guest on Monday night.  He retired in 2015, after 22 seasons.


Dick Van Dyke turns 98 December 13th, and CBS will mark the occasion with a special called “Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic”.  To air December 21st.  This could be a really good idea, or a really bad idea. Here’s why it could be a really good idea:  Remember that Betty White 100th anniversary special? It was all set to be filmed, with a release date of January 2022. But then Betty DIED on New Year’s Eve of 2021 . . . two weeks BEFORE her 100th birthday.  So yeah, 100 is a great number to shoot for, but CBS obviously learned from Betty, and chose to celebrate Dick sooner rather than later…The “Bad idea” pretty obvious…..Will Dick even make it to 98?  Or will this celebration turn into a MEMORIAL special, like the Betty White one did?


Blake Shelton Says Gwen Stefani Is Embracing Oklahoma Life … He’s not going to say she’s become a country girl, but they’re starting to see a different side of her. “I think country music has kinda given her a chance to show what an incredible vocalist she is and an incredible song writer.”


Yesterday was the Great American Smokeout . . . and Snoop Dogg took things WAY too far. He issued a statement saying, quote, “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke.  Please respect my privacy at this time.” I’m thinking one of two things are possible here:  This is either a total joke . . . or Snoop is switching to EDIBLES. We wish him all the luck

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