Sunday 28th February 2021

The List for Friday, January 22nd 2021

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We start today with Kenny Chesney; He says he writes music that makes him happy. “I just feel like the songs that made me happy, the songs that I wrote, kinda reflected my family my friends.  The reflected how I walk through the world, and what makes me happy when I listen to music.”

Eric Church Announces THREE New Albums … The project is called “Heart And Soul” “They came out of my Twenty-Eight days in the mountains of North Carolina where the songs were recorded and written.  It’s been a long ten months, I can not wait to play this music for you live, it’s the very best we’ve ever made. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the records. The project consists of three records pressed in white vinyl with the first release coming out April 16th.

“Walker” Star Jared Padalecki explains to Kelly and Ryan what is so different about the reboot of the new “Walker, Texas Ranger”. “This isn’t a show about a Texas Ranger who happens to have a family, this is a show about a father and a widower who happens to be a Texas Ranger.” He says It’s not scary like Supernatural was and is set in present day. “Walker” airs Thursdays on The CW.

Dark Horizons says HBO is developing a new ”Game of Thrones” series called “Tales of Dunk and Egg.” It comes George RR Martin’s fantasy novellas. The events take place 90 years prior to the events depicted in ”Game of Thrones.”

And Spider-Man star Tom Holland tells MovieWeb that he wants to do a horror movie, but he’s terrified of it. “Get Out” was the only horror film he’s ever really seen…so, now he can’t have tea and they’re stirring it he can’t help but wonder thinking if someone is trying to hypnotize him.

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