Thursday 25th February 2021

The List for Friday, February 19th 2021

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Luke Bryan says he’s changed and grown as an “American Idol” judge … when I really, really like something, I know it, and when I don’t, it’s like, okay, let’s get back to the talent.  we’re really focused to find the best talent we can find, because it certainly validates our show and we want our work to really come to light by finding the right winner and even getting the Top 10 perfect.” You can catch American idol Sunday nights on ABC

Dolly Parton tells Vanity Fair magazine that she doesn’t want the state of Tennessee to erect a statue on her behalf. She thanked them for their consideration, She’s honored and humbled but given all that is going on in the world, Dolly doesn’t think putting her on a pedestal isn’t appropriate. Maybe, somewhere down the road several years from now or perhaps after she’s gone if they still feel she deserve it, then she’ll stand proud in the great State Capitol as a grateful Tennessean.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi says her daughter taught her how to use the Tik Tok app “So, she actually taught me how to do Tik Tok with like the timing and cutting it up.  I had no idea what I was doing and she’s six.”  I watch the video’s still have not made one yet.  I need to find a six year old to teach me how to use it I guess…

NASA’s made history yesterday the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars. It was a 239 million-mile journey through space. The rover will collect samples and spread them across Mars before retrieving them in 2023.

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No sign of Matt Damon yet.

The Federal Government continues to spend far too much money trying to rescue Matt Damon.  He knew what he was getting into

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