Wednesday 17th April 2024

Announced by the Marshalltown Police Department yesterday, the mobile speed camera has been delivered.  This mobile unit was originally purchased along side the 2 stationary units, one out on Lincoln Way and the other out on Governors Rd.  The plan for this mobile unit is to help in high complaint areas across our community as well as in the school zones.  The goal is for drivers to slow down and enhance safety in our neighborhoods and community. Citations will be issued if vehicles are captured by the camera exceeding the speed limit by 11 mph or more. Each week, the police department will announce via social media the location of the mobile speed camera. City government wants community members to be fully aware of the mobile speed camera location.  Chief Tupper has mentioned multiple times on KFJB that speeding is the number 1 complaint his department receives.  He hopes that 0 tickets are written and people slow down on our roadways.


Zach Tomesch, News Director KFJB

Photo provided by MPD