Saturday 2nd March 2024

The Course Guide for the 2023-2024 school year was reviewed at the Marshalltown School Board meeting on Tuesday this week.  Jacque Wyant, Marshalltown High School Principal, shared a few new classes for next year, and a popular one is coming back.

This class does need some extra supplies that the school still needs to get, like hospital beds and supplies.  There is a new class that the high school is adding called Lets Make Money and it’s a 2nd year entrepreneurial course.

Students can also engage in their own ideas outside of Main Street too.  Zach Wahl, school board member, asked if the coffee shop at the Orpheum will be operational.

There are a lot of exciting things next year with the Marshalltown courses.  Students will be able to register for classes soon.


Zach Tomesch, News Director KFJB