Sunday 1st October 2023

Iowa State Representative Sue Cahill and Iowa State Senator Jeff Edler attended and spoke at the recent Marshalltown School Board Meeting.  Sue mentions some changes to this session that the governor has made.

Sue sat on the Education committee last session and assumes she will do that again in this session, but she was unaware of a new committee in education forming as this now creates 2 separate education committees. Sue goes on to mention her stance on school “vouchers”

Sue mentions that she was an educator and she sent her kids to St. Francis, but makes it clear it was her choice to do that and that her family gave up a lot to prioritize her kids religious education along with their normal education.  School board member Janis McGinnis had a back and forth with Jeff Edler

When I caught up to Sue and Jeff after their time in the meeting, I was able to ask further questions about the voucher bill.  Jeff left me by saying this


Zach Tomesch, News Reporter KFJB