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Brain Buster Rules

The Brain Buster on the Morning KIX Start has become one of the most popular games on KIX 101.1! Hundreds of people every week try to answer the questions. Because so many people are trying to play and win, and we want to keep the game fair and fun for everyone, we remind you that:

            If you or anyone in your household wins The Brain Buster Jackpot
            (no matter the amount), you or anyone in your household must wait
            30 days to win again for any contest.

Friday 5/22

Q- On average this will be just over 5 seconds long.

A - A Yawn!  Congratulations to Kim Baumgarten winner of $15!

Friday 5/15

Q- More than half of Americans feel strongly that you should no do this before breakfast. What is it?

A- Call someone

Thursday 5/14

Q- Almost 40 million Americans use these daily. More than half of them are women. What is it?

A- Contact lenses

Wednesday 5/13

Q- Many thousands of these are paid for each year and never used. What are they?

A- Marriage licenses 

Tuesday 5/12

Q- On average, a woman will start to be sorry about this decision in just over an hour. What is it?

A- Wearing high heels

Monday 5/11

Q- Well over 75% of people who have one of these say they never use it. What is it?

A- A piano

Friday 5/8

Q-Amost 15% of Mother's Day gifts this year will be this type of gift. The highest percentage in history. 

A- Electronics such as a smart phone or e-reader

Thursday 5/7

Q- 8 out of 10 people have one, but most report not appreciating it until their mid 20s. What is it?

A- A sibling

Wednesday 5/6

Q- More than 10% of people have done this at work even though they could lose their job. What is it?

A- Snooped in their bosses desk

Tuesday 5/5

Q- The first day of the work week is the most popular day of the week to do this. What is it?

A- Snack

Monday 5/4 

Q- What is the most popular Mother's Day gift according to Moms?

A- Time alone

Friday 5/1

Q- 1 in 10 men have never done this. What is it?

A- worn a tuxedo

Thursday 4/30

Q- Less than 20% of people who try this are able to keep it up. What is it?

A- Living a vegetarian lifestyle

Wednesday 4/29

Q- More than half of people would prefer to win a bunch of money than to have this. What is it?

A- Fame

Tuesday 4/28

Q- On average Americans do this more than 60 times per day. What is it?

A- Complain

Monday 4/27

Q-1 in 4 people have this for breakfast. What is it?

A- Soda

Friday 4/24

Q-Nowadays more than half of kids get this by the age of 6. What is it?

A- A cell phone

Thursday 4/23

Q- Parents spend almost 150 hours a year on this. What is it?

A- Making breakfast

Wednesday 4/22

Q- A new survey found that almost half of us do this when we are angry. What is it?

A- Eat ice cream

Tuesday 4/21

Q- Less than 15% of adults do this every day even though it is known that it will protect you. 

A- Wear sunscreen

Monday 4/20

Q-Moms are usually more willing to do this than dads What is it?

A- Admit they have a favorite child

Friday 4/17

Q- On average, Americans have around 5 of these they got for free. What are they?

A-Coffee mugs

Thursday 4/16

Q- On average, moms and dads will do this about 8 times a month. What is it?

A- Argue with each other about childraising

Wednesday 4/15

Q- To equal 1 minute on a rowing machine you need to do this 10 times. What is it?

A- Laugh

Tuesday 4/14

Q- Women tend to wait around 4 months before doing this. What is it?

A- Tell someone they love them

Monday 4/13

Q- Just over 40% of Americans look forward to doing this on a daily basis. What is it?

A- Checking their mail

Friday 4/10

Q- More than half of women will do this even when their man says he has already done it. What is it?

A- Clean

Thursday 4/9

Q- One in four people regularly snack here. Where is it?

A- The grocery store

Wednesday 4/8

Q- People are more likely to trust someone who is willing to do this. What is it?

A- Apologize

Tuesday 4/7

Q- We learned how to do this in school, but almost 95% of us can't remember how. What is it?

A- Read roman numerals

Monday 4/6

Q- New research suggests that doing this will weaken you physically. What is it?

A- Holding a grudge

Friday 4/3

Q- You will sit through more than 6000 of these in your lifetime. What are they?

A- meetings

Thursday 4/2

Q- Almost 40% of women said they immediately regretted doing this. What is it?

A- Dyeing their hair

Wednesday 4/1

Q-14,000 new ones of these arrive in America every hour. What are they?

A- Puppies

Tuesday 3/31

Q- 20% of men who sleep along take ono of tese to bed with them compared to only 15% of women. What is it?

A- A teddy bear

Monday 3/30

Q- Experts warn that women who have one of these will be less faithful in their relationships. What is it?

A- A personal trainer

Friday 3/27

Q- 1/3 of 18 to 24 year olds will only wait one second before doing this. What is it?

A- Bypassing a slow walker

Thursday 3/26

Q- Americans spend the greatest amount of money on this pass time. What is it?

A- Gardening

Wednesday 3/25

Q- When asked, Americans reveals that nearly half of Republicans and one quarter of Democrats say it's never necessary to do this. What is it?

A- Raise taxes

Tuesday 3/24

Q- In the United States there are nearly 1 million emergency room visits a year for this injury. What is it?

A- Dog bites

Monday 3/23

Q- Around 70 new varieties of this are released each year according to Consumer Reports. Most don't make it. What is it?

A- Toothpaste varieties

Friday 3/20

Q- Around 14,000 of these are on TV every year. What are they?

A- Jeopardy answers

Thursday 3/19

Q- Surprisingly 20 minutes is the average length of this. What is it?

A- A dream

Wednesday 3/18

Q- Almost 20% of spring breakers will do this on vacation this year. What is it?

A- Run out of money

Tuesday 3/17

Q- Surveys say that if you do this before heading to a restaurant, you will choose more healthy options and eat less. What is it?

A- Choosing what you will eat at home

Monday 3/16

Q- A recent study says that doing this might cause you to overeat. What is it?

A- Overworking your brain

Friday 3/13

Q- According to a new study kids that spend too much time on this activity are at higher risk for getting sick. What is it?

A- Homework

Thursday 3/12

Q- Around 20% of people do this to make themselves appear more intlligent. What is it?

A- Display book in their home or office

Wednesday 3/11

Q-Since the early 1980s the number of this type of business has increased from less than 100 to more than 3000. What is it?


Tuesday 3/10

Q- In most places in the country this household expense is the highest. What is it?

A- Childcare

Monday 3/9

Q- On average you spend 2/3 of an hour everyday doing this. What is it?

A- Eating

Friday 3/6

Q- Of the kids born this year around 2% of them will not have one of these. What is it?

A- A middle name

Thursday 3/5

Q-Almost 20% of women stay in the office over the lunch hour to avoid doing this. What is it?

A- Shopping

Wednesday 3/4

Q- An online study found that 10% of high school graduates couldn't find this on a map. What is it?

A- The Pacific Ocean

Tuesday 3/3

Q- According to an overseas study, dogs can tell when you are doing this. What is it?

A- Lying to them

Monday 3/2

Q- This popular electronic item is sold at a 3200% markup. What is it?

A- Beats Audio Headphones

Friday 2/27

Q- 1 in 5 people don't do this in a snowstorm. What is it?

A- Clear the roof of the car

Thursday 2/26

Q- Almost half of women under 45 do this every day. What is it?

A- Make their bed

Wednesday 2/25

Q- A study shows that not being able to do this can cause emotional upset. What is it?

A- Answer your phone

Tuesday 2/24

Q- Almost half of people surveyed said that this was their last high dollar purchase. What was it?

A- Mattress

Monday 2/23

Q- Women who do this each morning report having less stress than women who don't. 

A- Check Facebook

Friday 2/20

Q- Statistics show that internet searches for this went up significantly over Valentine's weekend. 

A- Divorce

Thursday 2/19

Q- 80% of dog owners do this at least 12 times a year. What is it?

A- Tell their dog "I love you"

Wednesday 2/18

Q- A recent study says that people do not begin to consider this until their early 30s. What is it?

A- The feelings of others

Tuesday 2/17

Q- Most adults did this more last year than ever before. What is it?

A- Binge watched TV

Monday 2/16

Q- At any given time around 25,000 people are living here. Where do they live?

A- On a house boat

Friday 2/13

Q- Around 1/4 of women have done this at least once. What is it?

A- Refused a marriage proposal

Thursday 2/12

Q- The average consumer will spend just under $150 on this. What is it?

A- Valentine's Day

Wednesday 2/11

Q- Almost half of men do not know this about their significant other. What is it?

A- Shoe size

Tuesday 2/10

Q- Almost 70% of pregnant women said they craved this food the most. What is it?

A- Nachos

Monday 2/9

Q- Just under half of restaurant goers think this is the most annoying thing a server can do. What is it?

A- Ask you how your food tastes before you have tried it. 

Friday 2/6

Q- What is the most popular new baby name that is also a food. What is it?

A- Kale

Thursday 2/5

Q- Every time you do this particular activity, over half a million other people are also doing it. What is it?

A- Hitting the space bar on your computer

Wednesday 2/4

Q- Less than 5% of Americans will do this without being asked to. What is it?

A- Change their passwords 

Tuesday 2/3

Q- This activity can make you 1/2 an inch shorter. What is it?

A- Running a marathon

Monday 2/2

Q- This American organization gets over 100 million phone calls a year. What is it?

A- The IRS

Friday 1/30

Q- The number of these owned by Americans increased by over 50% from 2013 to 2014. What is it?

A- Ukulele

Thursday 1/29

Q- Around 5% of medical professionals have done this. What is it?

A- Dated a patient

Wednesday 1/28

Q- A must have in the 1980s, about 76 million of them have been sold around the world. What is it?

A- Trapper Keeper

Tuesday 1/27

Q- As an adult chances are you eat this twice as much as you did as a kid. What is it?

A- yogurt

Monday 1/26

Q- The average price for this has gone up 23% from last year. What is it?

A- Super Bowl Ticket

Friday 1/23

Q- About 15% of women insist that their men do this. What is this?

A- Pluck their eyebrows

Thursday 1/22

Q- Around 5% of people have one of these with them right now. What is it?

A- A 100 dollar bill

Wednesday 1/21

Q- When women and men move in together, women thow away this first. Almost $400 worth!

A- Magazine Collection

Tuesday 1/20

Q- The number of these that a person will eat in their lifetime is thought to be around 750. What is it?

A- Whole pizzas

Monday 1/19

Q- Doing this will make people more likely to trust you. What is it?

A- Wearing lavender or using a lavender air freshener

Friday 1/16

Q- The majority of Americans over age 100 have this in common. What is it?

A- They live in urban areas; in or near cities.

Thursday 1/15

Q- The average woman has this for more than 10 years. What is it?

A- Favorite article of clothing

Wednesday 1/14

Q-More than half of people feel this is the best way to meet a future partner. What is is?

A- A group class or activity

Tuesday 1/13

Q- This may be the best way to get a second date. What is it?

A- Order dessert together

Monday 1/12

Q- There are over 1200 of these in Iowa. Chances are you used one of them. What are they?

A- High Schools

Friday 1/09

Q- Just over a third of people say they do this at work every day. What is it?

A- Dress casually

Thursday 1/08

Q- Over 20% of men said they wanted to learn to do this in 2015. What is it?

A- Play the piano

Wednesday 1/07

Q- According to Men's Health there is a sharp increase in demand for this over Super Bowl weekend. What is it?

A- Antacid tablets

Tuesday 1/06

Q- This has almost 20 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. What is it?

A- A cell phone

Monday 1/05

Q- This year this will happen 20,000 times in Las Vegas. What is it?

A- Conventions being held

Friday 1/02

Q- More than 40% of us do this before bed. What is it?

A- Turn on a night light

Wednesday 12/31

Q- About 1% of American homes have this in common. What is it?

A- Leave Christmas lights up year round

Tuesday 12/30

Q- Most people do this about six times a week. What is it?

A- Quote a movie line

Monday 12/29

Q- On average you will sleep 30 hours a month less if you have one of these?

A- Pet

Friday 12/26

Q- 40% of Americans have a hidden one of these. What is it?

A- E-mail account

Wednesday 12/24

Q- 40% of single adults are opting to do this nowadays. What is it?

A- Spend the holidays with friends instead of family

Tuesday 12/23

Q- 21% of couples fight about this at the holidays. What is it?

A- Which side of the family to visit

Monday 12/22

Q- Almost half of men admit to doing this to get attention. What is it?

A- Playing up their illness symptoms.

Friday 12/19:

Q- More than half of people surveyed said they do this at a car dealership. What is it?

A- Pay the sticker price

Thursday 12/18:

Q-A recent survey says that gift cards for music downloads and these are the least desired gift cards for Christmas.  

A- Movie Theater Gift Cards

Wednesday 12/17:

Q- According to a recent poll, 14% of Americans do this several times a week or more. What is it?

A- Play video games

Tuesday 12/16:

Q- Americans spend twice as much each year on kid's shoes than they do on what?

A- School Books

Monday 12/15:

Q- More than a third of American men would rather do this than go holiday shopping. What is it?

A- Get a root canal

Friday 12/12:

Q- This common conveniet activity takes longer to do than it did a decade ago. What is it?

A- Order in the drive thru. 

Thursday 12/11:

Q- Most people will deny doing this this holiday season. 10% will admit it. 

A- Peek at a present. 

Wednesday 12/10:

Q- Less than 10% of woman are this. What are they?

A- Left handed

Tuesday 12/09:

Q- 15% of people have never owned one of these. What is it?

A- Car

Monday 12/08:

Q- More than 10% of people have a serious fear of this. What is it?

A- Elevators

Friday 12/05:

Q- Just under a third of men have a crush on a woman who does this for a living.

A- TV meteorologist

Thursday 12/04:

Q- Well over half of women do not trust their men to do this. What is it?

A- Repairs on the Car

Wednesday 12/03:

Q- 5% of women would choose this over their man. What is it?

A- Favorite pair of jeans

Tuesday 12/02:

Q- For most people this holiday event will start on November 30th. What is it?

A- Getting their first Christmas card in the mail.

Monday 12/01:

Q- More than half of people have a favorite one of these. What is it?

A- Coffee cup

Friday 11/28:

Q- On Average people do this almost 500 times per month. What is it?

A- Swear

Wednesday 11/26:

Q- You will not find one of these in around 5% of American homes. What is it?

A- A bottle of ketchup

Tuesday 11/25:

Q- 6% of Americans prefer this type of pie at Thanksgiving. Which is it?

A- Lemon Merengue

Monday 11/24:

Q- 1 in 10 workers have been asked to stop doing this at work. What is it?

A- Shopping Online

Friday 11/21:

Q- The average person eats between 25 and 30 of these in a lifetime. What is it?

A- Pigs

Thursday 11/20:

Q- People do this more on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. What is it?
A- Taking part in running races

Wednesday 11/19:

Q- Ten years ago Americans did this much less than they do now. What is it?

A- Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tuesday 11/18:

Q - When getting ready for the school year 20% of students will do this.

A - Teeth whitening

Monday 11/17:

Q - One in ten people do not finish this once they get started.

A - Video game

Friday 11/14:

Q - Most people are less likely to do this with family than with friends

A - Take a selfie

Thursday 11/13:

Q - Just over 25% of woman have tried to drop a few pounds by doing this.

A - Eating baby food

Tuesday 11/11:

Q - Just ove 1 in 5 of us have never been here.

A - Their neighbors house Congrats to Barb Brown winner of $20

Monday 11/10:

Q - To be sure someone is not lying to you be sure to do this.

A - Tell you over a text message.  People are less likely to lie over text

Friday 11/7:

Q - Studies show that if you do this on a regular basis you will weigh 7 pounds less and have a lower BMI.

A - Use public transportation

Thursday 11/6:

Q - According to two studies whatill improve the quality of your nap.

A - Drinking coffee right before you go to sleep

Wednesday 11/5:

Q - Almost one third of moms refuse to share this.

A - Babysitter name

Tuesday 11/4:

Q - 3 out of 4 people agree this is a bad idea on Facebook.

A - Friend their boss

Friday 10/31:

Q - The average one of these is about a quarter century old.

A - Telephone poles

Thursday 10/30:

Q - Almost a quater of Americans still beleive doing this is bad luck.

A- The bride and the groom seeing eachother before the wedding

Friday 10/24:

Q - 2 out of 3 people in America would prefer not to do this with their partner

A - Commute 

Thursday 10/23:

Q - A recent study shows this on average will happen to people about 5 years sooner then it did 4 decades ago.

A - go gray Congrats to Diane Nichols winner of $25!

Wednesday 10/22:

Q - A new real estate survey says that not having this can decrease the value of a home by 20%.

A- internet access 

Tuesday 10/21:

Q - Just under a third of Americans are so impatient that they do what?

A - Eat food in the grocery store before they pay for it.

Monday 10/20:

Q - Almost half of people have gone 7 days with out this.

A - Used Cash

Friday 10/17:

Q - Less than 5% of people have this in common

A -  They have Green Eyes

Thursday 10/15:

Q - On average people will do this once a week in your car.

A - Honk your horn Congrats to Mark Morris winner of $35

Wednesday 10/14:

Q - Over 9 billion of this unused item are thrown away each year.

A - Ketchup packets

Tuesday 10/14:

Q - A new survey says this job will earn you just over $7000 annually.

A - Beaing a Mall Santa

Monday 10/13:

Q - A new survey says that just over 50% of mom's and dad's do this for their children...but about a third think it's a bad idea.

A - Let them win when playing games.

Friday 10/10:

Q - A new study shows in the past 14 years here in the U.S. over 1.4 billion dollars have been spent on this breakfast item.

A - Coffee pods or K cups

Thursday 10/9:

Q -  A new study shows that women that take part in this activity are not as likely to put on weight then women who don't.

A - Drink Wine

Wednesday 10/8:

Q - A new family survey says that about 2/3 of dads won't let their kids do this.

A - Touch the thermostate 

Tuesday 10/7:

Q - According to AAA this is the most important thing to have in your car in case of emergency.

A - AAA Card  Congrats to Bill Kolsrud winner of $15

Monday 10/6:

Q - Every day in America, there are 50 accidents involving this.

A - A vacuum

Friday 10/3:

Q - A new survey says that over 2,800 people visit the ER annually because of this.

A - The Garage Door

Thursday 10/2:

Q - 4 out of 5 Americans live around 4 miles from this.

A - YMCA Congrats to Brian Kunkel winner of $10!

Wednesday 10/1:

Q - Men are almost 9 times more likely to do this than women.

A - Whistle

Tuesday 9/30:

Q - A recent article says that women take almost 25% longer to do this then men.

A - Get over a breakup Congrats to Adam Park winner of $15!

Monday 9/29:

Q - A new study says on Average men will spend just over 9,000 hours doing this in their lifetime.

A - Sitting in a bar

Friday 9/26:

Q - A new survey says that just under 5% of guys on Earth have one of these.

A - A reptile as a pet 

Thursday 9/25:

Q - A new survey asked men if they could change one thing about their wife or girlfriend, what would it be?  This was the most popular answer.

A - Her laugh Congrats to Diane Nichols winner of $5

Wednesday 9/24:

Q - A new article says that just under 5% of grooms have done this before their wedding day.

A - Asked her parents for their blessing Congrats to Bailey Bishop winner of $15!

Tuesday 9/23:

Q - A recent magazine poll says the average woman in the U.S. has had this for just over 15 years.

A - The same best friend

Monday 9/22:

Q - Just under half of people have this in their living room.

A - A favorite place to sit

Wedesday 9/17:

Q - A recent magazine poll asked their readers what their biggest fear was.  1 in 12 said this...

A - gaining weight

Tuesday 9/16:

Q - A new survey from a woman's magazine says this could make about 30% of men and women undatable.

A - Their last name

Monday 9:15:

Q - A recent Survey of Emergency Rooms says last year just over 79,000 people had this happen to them.

A - They were bitten by other humans

Friday 9/12:

Q - A recent consumer survey says we will consume just over 69 million pounds of this annually.

A - Tater Tots

Thursday 9/11:

Q - A new article says that even though most of us have used these, only about 9% have bought them.

A - Bowling shoes

Wednesday 9/10:

Q - A new survey says that just under 15% of pet owners do this on a consistant basis.

A - Dream about their pets

Tuesday 9/9:

Q - In your adult life you will loose 2 of these.

A - inches Congratulations to Kim winner of $5!

Monday 9/8:

Q - A recent survey shows that just over 60% of Americans sleep like this.  What?

A - With the TV on!!

Thursday 9/4:

 Q - New research shows that the taller a man is, the quicker he will do this.  What?

A - Get Married

Wednesday 9/3:

Q - Just under 50% of men have this in their cars.  What?

A - Toilet Paper!

 Tuesday 9/2:

Q - On average women do this 3 times a week.  Men do it once a year.  What?

A - Check their horoscope!

 Friday 8/29:

Q - Just under 60% if women have done this during company time.  What?

A - Went Tanning!

Thursday 8/28:

Q - Just over 80% of kids have lied to thier parents about this. What? 

A - Brushing their teeth!

Wednesday 8/27:

Q - Just under 70% of mothers get stressed out because of this. What? 

A - Watching their kids play sports

Tuesday 8/26:

Q - Just over 4% of us have cried at this.  What? 

A - The end of our Vacation!

Monday 8/25:

Q - If you're a woman today this is bigger than your mother's... What? 

A - Your engagment ring!
  Congrats Nick from Arlington!!!

Friday 8/22:

Q - Just over 30% of people have had this embarrassing and frustrating thing happen to them.  What? 

A - Getting locked out of hotel room!

Thursday 8/21:

Q - Just under $2 Billion is spend on this in the US each year.  What? 

A - Tattoos!

Wednesday 8/20:

Q - Just over 40 million of these are sold each year, many are usually bought by women as gifts  What? 

A - Golf Balls!

Tuesday 8/19:

Q - An average teenage girl will do this 145 times per year.  What? 

A - Slam a door!

Monday 8/18:

Q - Adults will do this just over 10 times per year.  What? 

A - Go Swimming!

Friday 8/15:

Q - Most people over the age of 35 have these in their home.  What? 

A - A pair of glasses!

Thursday 8/14:

Q - Just over 5% of teens will do this every day.  What? 

A - use email!

Wednsday 8/13:

Q - Over 85% of people have never used these.  What? 

A - Frequent Flier Miles!

Tuesday 8/12:

Q - Just over 40% of people don't have one of these.  What? 

A - A friend at work!

Monday 8/11:

Q - There are just over 15000 of these in the US.  What? 

A - Hardware Stores!

Friday 8/8:

Q - Just over 40% of men have made a fool of themselves doing this.  What? 

A - Opening a bottle of wine!

Thursday 8/7:

Q - This happens just over 70 times per second.  What? 

A - An order is placed on Amazon!  CONGRATS Diane from Marshalltown won $15!!!

Wednesday 8/6:

Q - Just over 35% of drivers have had this in their car.  What? 

A - A baby on board sign!

Tuesday 8/5:

Q - This will happen just over 770 times a year.  What? 

A - A baby will get its picture taken!

Monday 8/4:

Q - Almost 1/3 of men can't go 7 days without this.  What? 

A - Pizza!

Friday 8/1:

Q - Just over 1/3rd of guys ateempted to hide this from their mother.  What? 

A - Ridden or owned a motorcycle!

Thursday 7/31:

Q - 3 decades ago these cost 8 times less than they do now.  What? 

A - School textbooks!

Wednesday 7/30:

Q - Just over 60% of families in the US have these in their homes.  What? 

A - an American Flag!

Tuesday 7/29:

Q - In your lifetime, on average, you will use 300 of these.  What? 

A - sticks of deodorant !

Monday 7/28:

Q - Everyday Americans use just over 50 acres of space doing this.  What? 

A - crossword puzzles!

Friday 7/25:

Q - 45% of parents do this for their adult children.  What? 

A - Pay their cell phone bill!

Thursday 7/24:

Q - An Average American takes 17 hours to do this after a breakup.  What? 

A - Change their facebook relationship status!

Wednesday 7/23:

Q - More than 20% of couples argue about this at bedtime.  What? 

A - Who should check if the doors are locked!

Tuesday 7/22:

Q - 2012 was the first year women purchased more of these than men.  What? 

A - Tattoos

Monday 7/21:

Q - If you want to boost your energy by one third, do this in the middle of your day.  What? 

A - brush your teeth!

Friday 7/18:

Q -  
Just over 10% of people have tried to do this on their own before seeking professional help. What? 

A - Dental Work!   CONGRATS BILL from WATERLOO!!!  He won $75!!!

Thursday 7/17:

Q - Just under 10% of women have turned a guy down for a date because of this.  What? 

A - his glasses!

Wednesday 7/16:

Q - If you are an average American, you will get just over 7 of these a month.  What? 

A - smart phone apps!

Tuesday 7/15:

Q - The best time to do this is between 10 and 11am.  What? 

A - interview for a job!

Monday 7/14:

Q - Just over 10% of people have quit a job because of this.  What? 

A - their mom told them to!

Friday 7/11:

Q - This has increased by just under 20% since the summer of March 2011.  What? 

A - running out of gas!

Thursday 7/10:

Q - There are one third less of these today then there were a decade ago.  What? 

A - bank tellers!

Wednesday 7/9:

Q - Just under 4% of people are ever done this.  What? 

A - gone to an opera!

Tuesday 7/8:

Q - IF you are under 30, you will do this just under 5 times this year.  What? 

A - fill a prescription!

Monday 7/7:

Q - Just over 10% of men have stolen this from a friend.  What? 

A - a "little blue pill" for "male enhancement"!

Thursday 7/3:

Q - If the US did this, it would save 5 Billion dollars.  What? 

A - switch from bills to coins!

Wednesday 7/2:

Q - Just about 25% of people who travel say they hardly ever or never do this.  What? 

A - Turn off electronics when told to do so!

Tuesday 7/1:

Q - A decade ago, 10% of people did its over 50%.  What? 

A - Use an online dating service!

Monday 6/30:

Q - On average, at age 11 this happens for the first time.  What? 

A - you get your first pet!

Friday 6/27:

Q - Just over 20% of people will take a because of something because of what? 

A - Its Dead!

Thursday 6/26:

Q - About 25% of these are NOT used for their intended purpose.  What? 

A - Paper Clips!  CONGRATS!!!  Jeff from Marshalltown won $25!!!

Wednesday 6/25:

Q - This will happen to 1 in 6 of us today while we are in our car.  What? 

A - A bird will poop on it!

Tuesday 6/24:

Q - Just over 75% of women say having this makes them feel strong and independent.  What? 

A - Having their own set of tools!

Monday 6/23:

Q - Statistics say that just over 80% of people 16 and older have already done this.  What? 

A - Met the person they will marry!

Friday 6/20:

Q - Just under 4% of homes in the US have this in common.  What? 

A - They still have their Christmas lights up!

Thurday 6/19:

Q - A new office survey shows that on average you will find just over 40 of these at work.  What? 

A - A coffee cup!

Wednesday 6/18:

Q - Just under 50% of men have talked women into doing this.  What? 

A - Skinny Dipping!

Tuesday 6/17:

Q - A new study shows that just under 25% of employees are not comfortable with this at work.  What? 

A - Having a younger boss!

Monday 6/16:

Q - Just over one third of adults said this got them in trouble when they were kids.  What? 

A - BB Guns!

Friday 6/13:

Q - There are three of these for every person on Earth.  What? 

A - Chickens!

Thursday 6/12:

Q - The amount of time that we spend doing this has doubled in the past two years.  What? 

A - Watching people play video games!

Wednesday 6/11:

Q - Just over 25% of people say this is their biggest pet peeve in the bedroom.  What? 

A - Crumbs in the bed! Congrats!!! Kim from Knoxville won $10!!!

Tuesday 6/10:

Q - Just over 39% of men think women should NOT do this.  What? 

A - Mow the Lawn!

Monday 6/9:

Q - On average you will spend about $6000 here during your lifetime.  Where? 

A - A Vending Machine! Congrats!!! Brady from Iowa City won $20!!!

Friday 6/6:

Q - Just under 30% of people will do this in June.  What? 

A - Go to a garage sale!

Thursday 6/5:

Q - The average one of these has quadrupled in price in the last quarter century, but is also half the size.  What? 

A - A bikini

Wenesday 6/4:

Q - A survery says that just under 25% of us have done this when we lay down to go to sleep.  What? 

A - Taken a selfie

Tuesday 6/3:

Q - A survery has found that over the course of your lifetime, this will occur just over 25 times.  What? 

A - Receive a prank phone call!  Congrats!!! Chase from Sully won $5!!

Monday 6/2:

Q - On average this will happen at your work place 3 times per year.  What? 

A - Money is collected for office parties!  Congrats!!! Ashley from Hubbard won $30!!

Friday 5/30:

Q - Adults are 3 times more likely to do this in the morning as opposed to the evening.  What? 

A - Yell at someone

Thursday 5/29:

Q - A Majority of US residents think we should have around 40 of these.  What? 

A - Electrical Outlets

Tuesday 5/27:

Q - A recent dating survey found that just over 5% of guys have ruined a date by doing this? 

A - Locked keys in their car

Friday 5/23:

Q - Here in the US, about 240 million Square yards of this are used each year.  What? 

A - Duct Tape

Wednesday 5/21:

Q - A recent study of homeowners found that about two thirds of homes don't have one of these.  What? 

A - An Air Freshner

Tuesday 5/20:

Q - In the average US home, you will find 6 of these.  What? 

A - Refrigerator Magnets

Monday 5/19:

Q - In 1977 sales of this item went up 700% because of this film.  Name either the film or the item.

A - Pontiac Trans Am, Smokey and the Bandit

Friday 5/16:

Q - A recent study shows that over half of people in Utah have done this in the past year, the highest percentage of any state.  What have they done?

A - Do Volunteer Work

Thursday 5/15:

Q - Just over 160 Million hours at work were lost in 2013 because of what?

A -
Dental Problems

Wednesday 5/14:

Q - A new survery of teenagers is out and it shows that around 60% admit they do this to seem more popular.

A - Listen to music they don't like

Thursday 5/8:

Q - A new consumer survey says that one in ten American Shoppers have done this when shopping.

A - Switch Price tags

Wednesday 5/7:

Q - A recent survey found that men will do this in about 5 minutes on an average day.  Women take about three times longer.

A - Talk about their day

Tuesday 5/6:

Q - According to a new study, you are the best at this around the agoe of 35 years old.

A - Spelling  Congrats to Bill Kolsrud, winner of $5!

Monday 5/5:

Q - A new survey found out that just over 9% of adults still do this about once a month.

A - Have a nighmare

Friday 5/1:

Q - A new survey of husbands and wifes is out.  They were asked to describe their spouse is a word.  What word was most used?

A - Stubborn

Wednesday 4/30:

Q - A new employee survey is out and it says that just over 15% of us will never do this at work.

A - Get stressed

Tuesday 4/29:

Q - A recent survey from an online dating sire says that 1 in 10 couples have fought aver this small issue.

A - How long they take in the shower

Monday 4/28:

Q - A new health survey says that just 10% of woman over the age of 30 like to do this.

A - Exercise outdoors

Friday 4/25:

Q - In an average year an average person will have this happen to them just over 10 times.

A - They will see a Rainbow

Thursday 4/24:

Q - A recent article says the average person that is in their mid 30's of younger does this about 3 hours a day.

A - Wears Headphones

Wednesday 4/23:

Q - A recent article says that an average person will spend just over $450 on this per year.

A - Borrow money to family or friends!

Tuesday 4/22:

Q - A new study says that about 5% of kids will do this tonight.  But if you are 40 years old or over, 50% of us will do it.

A - Snore  Congrats to Amanda Rogers winner of $5!

Friday 4/18:

Q - A recent parents magazine said that just over 42% of parents do this when their kid starts Kindergarten.

A - Start them a bank account

Thursday 4/17:

Q - A new office study says that workers get more work done and are in better health if they do this at the office.

A - Have a plant at their desk

Wednesday 4/16:

Q - A recent magazine article says that a woman will do this in her lifetime just under 45,000 times.

A - Try on clothes

Tuesday 4/15:

Q - A new survey says that about a quarter of us have never done this even though those in "the know" say we should do it at least once a year.

A - Check our credit score

Monday 4/14:

Q - A new survey says that just under 45% of people admit they still have this even though it does not work anymore.

A - Air freshener

Friday 4/11:

Q - A parents magazine shows that just under 45% of kids now a days have one of these.

A - A nickname!

Thursday 4/10:

Q - A new survey said that of people that couldn't find their cell phones just under a quarter found it here.

A - Laundry Basket
Congrats to Diane Nichols winner of $45!

Wednesday 4/9:

Q - A recent survey says that the average person will spend about $600 on this in their lifetime.

A - Their 30th Birthday

Tuesday 4/8:

Q - A new survey of animal lovers says that just under 15% would do this for their pet.

A - Get a tattoo of their pet

Monday 4/7:

Q - A new consumer report says that we will spend around 5 billion on this in the next 2 to 3 months.

A - Graduation gifts

Friday 4/4:

Q - A new online survey found that a quarter of men and a third of women have always wanted to try this but never have.

A - Drive across the country

Thursday 4/3:

Q - A new survey has been released and it says that 1 on 10 people have done this...and that 1 person will do it about once a year.

A - Moon someone!!

Wednesday 4/2:

Q - A new office survey says that only a third of people do this even though everyone is encouraged to do it.

A - Give 2 weeks when quitting

Tuesday 4/1:

Q - A recent survey of car owners says that just over 5% of people did this over the weekend.

A - Took a selfie in their car

Monday 3/31

Q - A new survey is out about purchases for the home and according to it, over the past 10 years sales of this have gone up 80%.

A - Toaster ovens

Friday 3/28:

Q - A new article says when it's cloudy outside we are more likley to purchase this.

A - Lotto Tickets!  Congrats to Sue Kizrsey winner of $5!

Thursday 3/27:

Q - If you are an average person according to a new article, in your lifetime you will do this about five times.

A - Lock your keys in your car
Congrats to Ashley Boeke winner of $100!

Wednesday 3/26:

Q - In an average week a new survey says this will happen to you about three times.

A - Your computer will freeze up

Tuesday 3/25:

Q - A new survey report is out and it says that four out of ten people that have one of these don't ever use it.

A - Twitter

Monday 3/24:

Q - A recent magazine article says just over two decades ago about a third of people owned one of these.

A - Blacklight

Friday 3/21:

Q - Most people go to the movies on the weekend and a new survey shows that just over 85% of movie goers have done this at the movies.

A - Cried during a movie

Thursday 3/20:

Q - Last year according to a new study here in the U.S. we spent just over 2.5 Billion dollars on this activity.

A - On-line gambling sites

Wednesday 3/19:

Q - The right amount of time for this to take place according to a new study is just under 4 minutes.

A - To make toast

Tuesday 3/18:

Q - A mens magazine tood a survey and asked men about their cleaning habits.  As it turns out, just over 60% of men admitted to doing this.

A - Leaving dirty dishes under their bed!

Monday 3/17:

Q - A new survey says that just under 15% of us here in the U.S. do this often.  In fact 30% don't remember the last time they did it.

A - Upgrade their cell phone

Friday 3/14:

Q - A womans magazine shows that women will do this more during the summer than any other season.

A - Laundry

Thursday 3/13:

Q - A recent study shows that about 20% of parents don't do this.  In fact the more money they make the lease likely they are to do it.

A - Driving a car without buckling up their kids

Wednesday 3/12:

Q - A new home survey says that just under 30% of houses still have there in them.

A - Ice cube trays

Tuesday 3/11:

Q - A new study shows that here in the U.S this will happen about a thousand times per second.

A - A load of laundry is started

Monday 3/10:

Q - A recent article from "Experts" say you should do this at leat once every 12 months.

A - Change your ATM pin

Friday 3/7:

Q - A new consumer report is out and it shows that this industry accounts for just over 6 billion dollars for the economy in the U.S.

A - Country Music

Thursday 3/6:

Q - A recent womans magazine says that just over 45% of women wanted their man to do this more.

A - Wear Cologne

Wednesday 3/5:

Q - A survey about recognition is out and it says that even though most everyone has heard of this...only just under 25% have ever used it.

A - Cavier

Tuesday 3/4:

Q - A new consumer survey shows that just under 80% of these that are purchased are not ever used.

A - Cell phone minutes

Monday 3/3:

Q - A recent study says that in 7 days the average person will do this just over 60 minutes.

A - Use the snooze feature on the alarm clock for just over 60 extra minutes of sleep!

Friday 2/28:

Q - A recent survey says it has been at least a decade since 80% of us have done this.

A - Gone to the Library

Thursday 2/27:

Q - Here in the U.S. a new study says you will do this just under 19 times in your life.

A - Change doctors Congrats to Diane Nichols winner of $10!

Wednesday 2/26:

Q - A new article shows that last year just over 1.4 million women did this.  5 years ago it was only 1 million.

A - Hunting

Tuesday 2/25:

Q - A recent survey of adults says that just under 60% of them did this when they were kids...and their parents were furious!

A - Gave themselves haircuts!  Congrats to Curt Kriegel winner of $60!

Monday 2/24:

Q - A new study shows that just over 50% of people in the world have on of these.

A - A Cavity!

Friday 2/14:

Q - Here in America, over two decades ago just over 95% of people regularly used this.  Now it's down to just under 40%.

A - The Postal Service

Thursday 4/13:

Q - A magazine article says that 50 years ago women did this more than men.  Today men do it twice as much as women.

A - Buy Hats

Wednesday 4/12:

Q - A recent study shows when temps are below zero we will spend more time doing this.

A - Talking on the phone

Tuesday 4/11:

Q - A new work place survey says that just over 60% of women like this at work while under half of men do.  What?

A - Getting a text message

Monday 4/10:

Q - A recent survey shows that just under 11% of us have one of these in our vehicle.

A - A french fry

Friday 4/8:

Q - A recent womans magazine says that an average guy will do this 1.2 times today.

A - Say I Love You  Congratulations Ilene Barger winner of $5!

Thursday 4/7:

Q - A recent work place survey says that this will happen about 20 times a day.

A - You will be interrupted!  Congrats to $15 winner Barb Brown!

Wednesday 2/5:

Q - A recent survey shows that about a third of parents will do this for their kids today.

A - Send them to school with hand sanitizer

Tuesday 2/4:

Q - A new article says that an average man can save about $5000 in his lifetime if he does this.

A - Ask for directions

Friday 1/31:

Q - A new workplace survey says that this will typically happen twice a year at your office.

A - The office refrigerator is cleaned!

Thursday 1/30:

Q - A new study found that annually we will do this for a total of just over 10 days.

A - Listen to voicemail

Wednesday 1/29:

Q - A recent article says that around 20% of women have one of these...while at the same time 40% of men have one.  What?

A - An Apron

Tuesday 1/28:

Q - A new survey found that just under 7% of people have cried in the past year because of this.

A - Traffic

Monday 1/27:

Q - A new survey says that just over 50% of us will do this at least 3 times a day.

A - Have a snack

Friday 1/24:

Q - A new article says that just over two decades ago the cost of this was about four times less than it is now...but you got more of it.

A- The bikini!

Thursday 1/23:

Q- A new consumer survey shows that we will throw out just over 20% of this even though it's good to use.

A - Toothpaste

Wednesday 1/22:

Q - A recent Family article is out and it says just under a quarter of families biggest arguments in 2013 was about this.

A - Board or video games

Tuesday 1/21:

Q - A recent article says that just under 55% of us have done this.  While not illegal, some say it is against the rules.
A - Sneak food onto the movies

Monday 1/20:

Q - A recent survey shows that just under 7% of people have not done this at their house in about a year. 
A - Mop the floor

Friday 1/17:

Q - A recent survey found that just over 20% of women say this is not attractive on a man.
A - Too many muscles 

Thursday 1/16:

Q - A new study shows that just under 40% people have shopped here.
A - The bathroom (online shopping)

Wednesday 1/15:

Q - About a decade ago, the average person bought just over ten of these a year. Now, it's down to just under 5 a year.
A - DVDs

Tuesday 1/14:

Q - A new article says that just under 25% of people have a phobia about doing this.
A - Drinking from a water fountain

Monday 1/13:

Q - A new article shows that two decades ago, there were six times less Americans with one of these.
A - Passport 
Congrats to Bill Kolsrud, winner of $5!

Friday 1/10:

Q - Even though most people say it is a common thing, just under 1% of people say they can't do this. What? 
A - Blow bubbles with gum 
Congrats to Diane NIchols, winner of $65!

Thursday 1/9:

Q - A recent article asked women, what is the toughest thing to get your husband to do? About a third of them said this.
A - Go to the doctor

Wednesday 1/8:

Q - A new survey of women, that are going to get married, says that just under 15% are worried about this. 
A - An embarrassing guest

Tuesday 1/7:

Q - A recent survey says that about every 30 days, just over 30% of people do this, most of the time in their kitchen.
A - Sanitize the trash can

Monday 1/6:

Q - A recent article says that just under 2500 people are hurt in the home by this annually. 
A - Plants

Friday 1/3:

Q - A recent article says that about 60% of us have done this to a perfect stranger.
A - Intentionally damaged their car

Thursday 1/2:

Q - According to a new study, on average, every hour this will happen just over 30,000 times.
A - A new internet domain name is registered

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