Three bikes donated to the Marshalltown Police Department

A group fundraising partnership in Marshalltown has resulted in three fancy new police bikes being donated to the Marshalltown Police Department. Ric Anderson the Store Manager at Hy Vee in Marshalltown says in some ten days the effort reached the point where the bikes could be displayed in ceremonies and they could be put to use as soon as possible.

Police Officer A-J Accola said the department was grateful and marveled and the support that the police department receives in the Marshalltown area.

Matt Gerstadt of Black Tire Bike Company in downtown Marshalltown says the bikes are specifically designed for police officers and feature a flashing light similar to what is used in a regular patrol car.

Partners in the effort include: Hy Vee, Emerson Fisher control valves, JBS, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union number 1149, the Iowa Valley Bicycle Club and the YMCA and YWCA of Marshalltown.