Little Mister and Miss Oktemberfest named

Two 7 year olds from Fisher Elementary School were named Little Mister and Miss Oktemberfest Thursday evening during the day one festivities in downtown Marshalltown. Briley Danielson was named Little Miss Oktemberfest and Jalen Fogerty was named Little Mister Oktemberfest. There names were drawn from the top hat of emcee Denny Grabenbauer who making his final appearance as emcee of Oktemberfest events was decked out in a tuxedo that blended in with his natural surroundings. There were 36 entries for Miss Oktemberfest and 22 entries for Mister Oktemberfest. A good crowd for the night one festivities that included kids events and a series of kids fun runs on Main Street in downtown Marshalltown. The weather was pleasant after a day filled with scattered rain showers as the area got over an inch of rain. The day two events commence at four p-m Friday afternoon with the opening of the carnival rides on First Street. The food vendors open at five p-m. The Classic Car Show on Main Street Starts at five p-m as well. There is an Italian style dinner at the Coliseum at five p-m. Music from the band Monkey Finger starts on Main Street at 5:30 p-m.