I just realized that writing a blog is like cleaning a cat box…if you don’t do it everyday it really piles up!! So that’s why I named this one Tidbits because that’s what it is.

First, we all survived graduation and my son is now an alum of Marshalltown High School!!

Today’s Life Hack is one I need to try “The best way to clean a microwave is to put a cup of hot water mixed with vinegar inside (don’t know how much though it didn’t say), microwave on high for three to five minutes, and wipe clean with ease.

There are a lot of great country shows coming to KIX Country from Diamond Rio to Dolly Parton to Maddie & Tae. Check all of them out, and more, on our website www.kixweb.com!

In my last blog post I quoted a lyric from a song from Aaron Watson entitled “Bluebonnets”. I have since read most if not all of his blog

Barbed Wire Halo Blog “Pack light and love heavy” just about says it all.