My Morning on the Farm!

Good Morning Kix Country!

This morning I was out and about and went for a visit to a nearby farm to meet some baby cows!!! It just so happens that those calves live on the farm of a young man who is part of the Mid-Iowa Youth Beef Team. They help educate the public on the practices and benefits of the beef industry. I posted a bunch of pictures on our Facebook page, but the good stuff is right here. Information on what a wonderful product beef can be and all of it’s many uses so that very little is wasted. Read, learn and enjoy!

Here are some interesting facts about beef production in Iowa!

Here is information about the process of production.

Everything you need about Beef Nutrition!

I learned a lot about beef today and want to thank the Mid-Iowa Youth Beef Team, and Garrett and his family again for the information and the help. What a fun morning!