Wednesday 7th June 2023

The Wall That Heals in KIX Country!

What an incredible opportunity to see this memorial, Tonya called to tell me more about what will happen not only today August 2nd when the memorial arrives but what happens each day.  It truly is the Wall That Heals!

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Simon 6/62023

OUR KIX CRITTER OF THE WEEK, SIMON!! Simon is a 4 year old cat that came in as a stray. Simon is a bit lazy and loves to lounge in his bed. I’m sure he would love

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Jonathan Knight

The List for Monday, June 5th 2023

Welcome To The List, Yellowstone is such a hit for Kevin Costner, what do you think would be next for the A-lister…how about mortgaging your home, your 10-acre estate in Santa Barbara to help fund a four-part

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