Thursday 25th February 2021

The Movie Review: The Marksman, One Night in Miami and more

This week: If it’s January, there must be a Liam Neeson using his special skills movie! It’s The Marksman. Also: One Night in Miami (Malcom X, Muhammed Ali, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown spend an evening together) and a new documentary about Martin Luther King

Next week: Our Friend

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Jonathan Knight

The List for Tuesday, February 23rd 2021

Welcome to The List – Darius Rucker On His Song, “Beers and Sunshine.” … ” I really thought the song, especially right now in the winter and with everything that’s going on, it was just such an

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Doris Day


OUR KIX CRITTER OF THE WEEK IS BOONE!!     Meet Boone! He came into the ARL  as a stray that quickly took over their hearts. He is about 5 years old. He is very energetic and

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