Sunday 12th July 2020

The List for Wednesday June 3rd 2020

Welcome to another edition of The List!!!

Travis Denning is pretty much all over the map when it come to HIS favorite kinds of music.  From The Allman Brothers to Rock Legends  like Metallica and Slayer and eventually made the jump to Country music…that’s what we do,  convert rock people to country music……time

Tracy Lawrence, along with many other entertainers, are more than ready to get back on the road after concerts and shows came to an abrupt halt following the coronavirus outbreak. we asked Tracy how long before we might see him out.  “We’re getting ready to start, we got some some acoustic stuff on schedule for the next couple of weeks and hopefully we’re gonna start doing some small shows as we get into June.”  One of his friends who’s a promoter has several drive-in theaters considering hosting concerts, thinking that might be the new way people enjoy live music for a while

Shaq was on with Jimmy Kimmel discussing George Floyd and shares the advise he gives his sons if they’re ever pulled over by police first try to defuse the situation by showing respect “and if it happens to get rough, don’t say anything don’t do anything.  Just comply, and when all is said and done, you call me and if stuff gets outta hand then I will handle it. I will be the one to act crazy, I don’t want you to act crazy while you’re out there by yourself.”  I would NOT want to see a seven foot one Shaquille O’Neal getting crazy…

America’s Got Talent last night the golden buzzer went to Roberta Battaglia performing ‘Shallow.’ check this out!!  That’s some legit talent OH, did I mention she’s only 10 years old?…check out the segment below…

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The List for Thursday July 9th 2020

Welcome to another edition of The List…. Blake Shelton is jumping on the wagon as one of the country artists taking his show to Drive-In Theaters on July 25 he’s bringing Gwen Stefani & Trace Adkins along

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Jonathan Knight

The List for Wednesday July 8th 2020

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The List….. The first time Tim McGraw Tried To Sing “I Called Mama” he got emotional… “When I heard it I cried when it got to the hook of a song.

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