Sunday 25th October 2020

The List for Thursday September 24th 2020

Welcome to The List –

Brad Paisley told us that Avengers: End Game made him tear up…well, who didn’t and the best advise he’s ever gotten was from his father that told him to always be better. But, if he wasn’t in music…what would he like to do? “Ah, you know what I would love to do…I would love to work for the CIA but, I’ve probably blown that chance. But, to be a spy, wouldn’t that have been fantastic? I think I could have done it. I think it would be great!”

Tim McGraw was on with Jimmy Kimmel and talks about getting Faith a customized mug for their anniversary…probably says boss….if he’s smart and had this to say about his new song ‘I called mama’ “It’s a great country song, but as the world changed the song really took on a meaning about who’s important to you, and you gotta look at yourself and think who are the people that count on you? That’s just as important as thinking about people who are important to you.”

A couple Hollywood quickies –

We Got This Covered reports that Disney has approached Ryan Reynolds to star in two upcoming live-action remakes. “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and Tarzan. The website says Disney will take Chris Pratt if Ryan doesn’t want to play Tarzan. and TV Guide says John Cena is going to star in HBO Max’s Suicide Squad spin-off series ”Peacemaker.” Production on the action comedy series will begin in early 2021

Alec Baldwin explains to Ellen why he ordered a pizza while his wife was in labor….saying he was inspired by the movie ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High” the pizza scene but Hilaria his wife takes full responsibility ” In his defense, It was my idea. Because the last two babies that I had, I didn’t invite him while I was in labor until I got my epidural. Because he drives me crazy”

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