Sunday 10th December 2023

Early Tuesday morning the Iowa state lawmakers approved Gov. Reynolds School choice plan with a 55-45 vote in the house and a 31-18 vote in the Iowa Senate.  The bill was split on the republican side as 9 voted against the bill while every democrat also voted against the bill.  This bill will allow any family with a K-12 student who wants to attend a private school receive up to $7,600 from the state.  The plan is estimated to cost the state $340 million annually, which is over $1billion in 3 years.  This bill was exempt from the traditional budgetary process requiring consideration in the House Appropriations or Ways and Means Committees.  A typical process for any other bill.  Supporters of the bill feel this will empower parents to send their kids to whatever school provides the best educational opportunity.


Zach Tomesch, News Director KFJB