Wednesday 7th June 2023

KIX 101.1 is coming to Grinnell’s NEW AT&T Store!

Everybody loves new, right? New shoes. New car. A new show to binge. New always rocks. And when new is not only new, but also comes with a great deal, that’s even better. Like at AT&T, where everyone gets their best deals on every new smartphone. Join Doris Day from Iowa’s Best Country, KIX 101.1 for the grand opening of AT&T‘s new store located at 707 West Street Suite 1, in Grinnell. At AT&T, everybody wins! Both new customers and loyal longtime customers. Yep—everyone gets their best deals on every smartphone. The way it should be. It’s not complicated. If you want their best deals on every smartphone and a wireless network you can count on, AT&T has you covered at the newest store at 707 West Street Suite 1 in Grinnell. Come help Doris Day kick off the grand opening Friday, October 28 from 4pm to 6pm at 707 West Street Suite 1 in Grinnell and check out all of their best deals on smartphones! Offers vary by device. Restrictions may apply.

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