Sunday 28th February 2021

The latest from Iowa On Line Court Records in the case of former Marshall County Assistant County Attorney, Ben Stansberry:  A not guilty plea was entered on Tuesday, August 30 by his Attorney Michael Marquess. An initial appearance was made on Monday the day of his arrest by Assistant State Attorney General, Laura Roan. On Wednesday a document was issued by the Marshalltown Police Department indicating that Stansberry had been arrested on Monday on charges of 5th Degree Theft and Trespass. Marshall County Attorney, Jennifer Miller indicated that he had been placed on Administrative Leave on Tuesday the 23rd after court records had indicated the date of the incident being Monday August 22nd, and that he had turned in a resignation on Friday August 26th. Court records also indicate that Magistrate, Ryan Haaland was assigned to this case. Magistrate Ryan Haaland is from outside of the area. A trial date is pending.



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