Friday 27th November 2020

Good Morning Kix Country!

Yesterday and today LeRoy and myself talked about astronaut Scott Kelly. He just ended his year on the International Space Station.


It is an exciting time as this mission comes to a close. There is so much to learn about long term space travel and it’s effects of the human body. That is exactly the reason that Scott was chosen for this mission. He has an identical twin who is also an astronaut, Mark Kelly! Part of this project was to compare how the brothers would age differently one in space and the other on earth. They made a PBS documentary about the subject.

His brother knows exactly what it is like to combat the boredom of spaceflight. So much so, that he sent a special gift up to Scott. Here is the video of what he did with that gift.



I think that is just great. What a great group of people to achieve something as huge as a year in space.


Have a great day!

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