Super Shine Mastermind – Brought to You by Super Shine Car Wash!

12/27/17: 50% of people judge others by this one thing these days.

ANS.. Type of cell phone they use

6/22/17: What month & year was Iowa Speedway in Newton Opened?

ANS.. September 2006 – the 15th to be exact

5/23/17: Memorial Day was a response to the unprecedented carnage of the Civil War, in which HOW MANY soldiers on both sides died?

ANS.. 620,000

4/28/17: Today is National Superhero Day. 66% of women would use their superpowers FOR THIS?

ANS.. Be in 2 places at once

4/21/17: Fresh water makes up what percent of the Earth?

ANS.. 3%

4/20/17: According to Visual Economics, the average person consumes 29 pounds of this every year?

ANS.. French Fries

4/3/17: 30% of you say you should NEVER use ice for this?

ANS..Orange Juice

3/20/17: The average person does what 13 times a day?

Ans.. Laughs

3/16/17: The average american does what 22 times a day?

Ans.. Opens the fridge

3/9/17: What movie with a boxing theme won the 2004  Academy Award as Best Motion Picture, and who were the the three main co-stars, all Oscar winners?

Ans.. Million Dollar Baby / Clint Eastwood (Director), Hillary Swank (Best Actress), & Morgan Freeman (Supporting Actor)

Which of Iowa’s 99 counties has the highest percentage of Grade-A top soil in the entire nation?

Ans.. Wright County

According to the American Institute of Food Distribution, which special event day is the second biggest food consumption day of the year behind Thanksgiving?

Ans.. Super Bowl Sunday

As of today Punxsutawney Phil has made his his prediction for an early spring 130 times with an accuracy rate of 39%. What is the percentage of times he has actually seen his shadow?

Ans.. 89%

About 150 people are killed each year by this food?

Ans.. Coconuts

Just over 50% of men don’t know how to do this?

Ans.. Tie a Tie

Around 85% of us do this in the middle of the night.

Ans.. Check Cell phone

Over 50% of people, do this while shopping?

Ans.. Eat

76% of women have given their partner one of these?

Ans… A To Do List

38% of us have burned ourselves on this when it’s HOT outside?

Ans.. Seatbelt

63% of singles think liking the right what? makes a person appear more interesting?

ANS. Right TV Shows

About a 1/4 of adults say they need THIS so they can sleep at night?

ANS.. A Stuffed animal

38% of woman are trying to cut back on this.

Ans. Gossiping

In the next 3 hours just over 10 million of these will be sold.

Ans. Pizza’s