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Valentine #1 Merrell Kilborn

Valentine Poem - Amazing
You can patch a pair of jeans;
Sew on a button;
Make a baby blanket;
Create a quilt --- You are amazing!  I love you!
You pack my lunch;
Cook a fabulous meal;
Prepare dinner for friends;
Organize a family reunion --- You are amazing!  I love you!
You can place a band-aid on a grand child’s knee;
Know what medication to use;
Give medical advice --- You are amazing!  I love you!
You can process firewood;
Build a fire;
Warm a heart --- You are amazing!  I love you!
We tour the yard;
Walk the square;
Hike a mountain trail --- You are amazing!  I love you!
You talk with me;
Listen to life’s problems;
Make time for us;
And most of all --- love me!
You are truly amazing!  I love you!
To my wife, Mona
 From her husband, Merrell

Valentine #2 Jace McKeever

My Love for You…
It’s been some time since I did this for you,
But I wanted to let you know my love is true.
It’s been six years since we walked down the aisle,
In your beautiful dress and loving smile.
You’re an amazing person who I cherish in my life,
I’m so proud and lucky to have such a wonderful wife.
You’re the person who I love to hold tight,
Your soft and tender love burning so bright.
You’re the person who I truly desire,
The one and only who sets my heart on fire.
Your eyes, your heart, your kiss, and your touch,
Amber, I love it ALL and it means so much.
I love that I love you, and I loved you from the very start,
You were the one and I gave you my heart.
I’m glad God had turned me to you,
As I look back remembering the words “I do”.

Valentine #3 Kyle Harwood

To my reason for always coming home:
Because no matter how exciting a slide job out of turn 4 feels for the win
Or the adrenaline shakes setting in seeing a 190” deer heading to my stand
Or the goose bumps I get when an elk bugle cuts through the thin mountain air
Or the exhilaration of getting that 7lb largemouth in the live well heading to weigh in
Or the chills of a spring morning with gobblers thundering on a ridge in front of me
Or the satisfaction of finishing the 24 with my friends around a fire
There is however, no feeling I know that tops being with you.

Valentine #4 Dean Brittenham

A Poem for my Love Phyllis
My wife’s name is Phyllie and I know it sounds silly but we each give each other pet names.
We met on a bus I told her it would soon be “us” but she thought that sounded quite insane.
I tried wooing her with cards and candy and even two dozen roses at a time.
But her answer was always the same, my love was in vain and leaving her alone would be fine.
You could say I was a stalker, and definitely a non-stop talker but I kept trying harder every day.
I kept at it still even though she told me to chill with the hopes she would say “yes” someday.
Happy endings don’t always happen at least not to this degree but I do have good news to report.
We have now been married 22 wonderful years and she is my Valentine this day and I could prove that if needed in court.
So if you see me and Phyllie you may think  it’s silly that we still hold hands every day.
She was the answer to my prayers and I thank God she is in my life where forever she will stay.

Valentine #5 Keith Lambertson

This is a 50 year romantic love story.
It began on December 13, 1963 (yes, Friday the 13th). I presented my fiancé with a diamond ring at the Christmas Ball at Northwest Missouri State University. We were dancing  to the big band sound of Harry James. It was a glorious evening.
The following Valentine's Day, Joann showed her romantic (and sometimes naughty) side. She was an accomplished seamstress and gave me a pair of white cotton briefs; the leg openings were trimmed with red lace. The top of the fly was adorned with a simple bow, also of red lace.
During the months which followed, we were engulfed in a multitude of decisions that go with planning a wedding. The date was set for August 8, 1964. The wedding went was planned.
Our week-long honeymoon was a camping trip (in a tent). The first night was spent at the city waterworks park at Audubon, Iowa. The remainder of the week we visited the Grotto at West Bend, Iowa, the historic fort at Jackson, Minnesota, and Arnold's Park (it was still an amusement park back then). As campers, we cooked most of our meals over the open fire. As a treat, we allowed ourselves to eat one meal a day in a restaurant (not fast food).
We had saved $40.00 for our honeymoon trip expenses. After paying  for food, gas, recreation and a few souvenirs, we still had some money left.
Throughout the years, with our education careers (she as a teacher and me as an administrator) she gave up friends, church activities and jobs to follow me to five school districts in two states. She was supportive of all my career moves, never complaining about being uprooted and having to move, usually farther from family.
Early in our married life, we became foster parents, having become disgruntled with DHS' handling of some situations involving families in need of assistance. Over the next five years, our home was home to 10 boys ranging in age from 5 months to 10 years.
After our daughter was born and grew in to a young lady, she shared her father's passion for showing horses. Though not a horse lover, Joann faithfully helped us prepare for weekly shows in the summer (often on 90 - 100 degree days), packing picnic lunches, cleaning tack, and making sure registration papers were in order. She sewed ALL of our show outfits (most were originals, many were matching.
After retirement from public education, I was employed as a residence counselor in a juvenile boy's home. At one point I was concerned about the future placement of some of the young men. After much consideration, we again became foster parents to two teen-age boys, on separate occasions. Joann respected my concern and accepted them into our home - once again disrupting our comfortable empty-nest routine  to make life better for those who needed a home and parental guidance.
Over the years, with my jobs as administrator and now as a counselor for the Salvation Army, she has accepted my irregular hours on call to serve others without question or complaint (even on weekends, or especially Sundays).
In short, she has tremendous patience and understanding, and is truly a dedicated and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and partner. Next August we will celebrate 50 wonderful years together.
Out theme song has always been and will continue to be:
          God gave the Wise Men their wisdom;
          And to each, the poets their dreams,
          To Father and Mother, their Love for each other;
          But He left me out so it seems;
          I went around broken-hearted,
          Thinking life was en empty affair;
          But when God gave me you
          It was then that I knew,
          He had given me more than my share.
Respectfully and Lovingly submitted for Joann Lambertsen


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