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Ken Fields

:  Ken Fields
Age: "OLD". Do the math!
Hometown:  Connecticut   
Brothers/Sisters:  One brother.
Pets:  One Dog.  
When did you start at KIX 101.1:  2007 
One thing you could not live without:  Blue Bunny Ice Cream
Worst job ever:  A Food Processing Plant
What is your favorite TV Show:  American Dad
If you weren’t in radio, what would you be:  "In a fetal position!"
Favorite vacation spot:  Bahama's (never been, but I can dream about it)
Guilty pleasure:  Spending money! 
Name one bad habit you wish you could break:  Being a complete Moron at times. (Pretty good at it!)
Biggest pet peeve:  I have many, but human in-consistancy to details is tops on my list!
What was one of your most memorable radio moments:  Doing a live radio show and having the entire local high school cheerleading squad in the studio, because they won a pizza night with Ken Fields! It was wild (and noisy!)
Favorite food:  Ribs basking in sweet honey BBQ sauce.
What movie do you HAVE to watch if you see it on TV:  Blazing Saddles!
Coke or Pepsi:  I'm partial. I like them both!
Favorite song:  Red Solo Cup
If you could meet one person, who would it be:  Donald Trump!  
What phrase do others say you use too much:  "Okie Dokie, Sure, sure, OK, umm whatever!"
Celebrity crushes:  Patricia Heaton, Leah Remini.
Favorite month of the year?  May
Is the glass half-full or half empty:  Whatever you say! It's all good! Just never empty!
Dream Car:  Jeep Wrangler
Favorite websites:  Facebook, KIXWEB, YouTube.
The world would not be the same without what:  Me, of course!

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