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A letter from Todd Collins

May 5th 2003 was my first day here at KIX 101.1!  Just over eleven and a half years I have been on The Morning KIX Start!  Wow…where has the time gone!?

First off let me get this out there.  I am not leaving KIX 101.1! Some of you may have started reading this and jumped to that conclusion.  Well, actually…you are kinda right.  I am really excited to announce The Morning KIX Start with LeRoy and Melia starting January 2nd 2015!

Yes I am stepping aside from The Morning KIX Start but I am not leaving KIX 101.1.  Because of you here in Central Iowa, KIX 101.1 has grown and grown and grown over the past decade and because of that there is so much more that needs to be taken care of behind the scenes and that is what I am going to be doing.  You will still hear me filling in on the air for some of the staff if they are on vacation or sick and occasionally you will even still hear me on The Morning KIX Start!  I will still be out and about in KIX Country but I will no longer be the host of The Morning KIX Start.

I have planted my roots here in Central Iowa and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!  As many of you know my wife and I have a daughter that is almost two and another little girl on the way anytime in the next five weeks!  I’ll be honest, getting up at 3:00am when you don’t have kids is one thing, but once you have them it makes things a lot more challenging!

As I said above The Morning KIX Start with LeRoy and Melia begins January 2nd.  I am so excited for them to wake you up each and every morning.  Some fun, exciting changes will be happening with these two and I know you are going to enjoy it!

Thank you for letting me start your mornings for all these years but remember, I’m still here at KIX 101.1!  However, I may be sleeping in just a little bit longer!

Todd Collins

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