A cat story

A cat is being credited with alerting a Cedar Falls resident to an apartment fire. A resident told Fire Chief John Schilling that a pet cat kept meowing at the ceiling of an apartment Monday night, ...Read more

Waffle Movies

Willie Waffle is the movie critic for people who hate movie critics and he joins LeRoy and Melia every Friday morning about 7:50a.m. to talk about the new movies opening up that weekend. Over the ...Read more

Keith Stewart

Name: Keith Age: 51 Hometown: Oelwein IA Brothers/Sisters:   two older brothers and one younger brother Pet: dog named Mia When did you start at KIX 101.1:  September 2004 One thing you could ...Read more


Name: J.W. Age: 25 Hometown: State Center Brothers/Sisters:   1 sister – Tressa When did you start at KIX 101.1:  February, 2005 One thing you could not live without: The people in my ...Read more

Amanda McGuire

Name: Amanda McGuire   Age: 32 Hometown:   Grinnell, Iowa Brothers/Sisters: Younger brother, Curtis   Pets:   Buddy – 13-year old black poodle/dachshund mix male, Boots – 4-year ...Read more

Ken Fields

Name:  Ken Fields Age: “Old Enough!!!” Hometown:  Mystic, Connecticut Brothers/Sisters:  One brother. (I’m the baby. Gotta love me!) Pets:  One dog, and my daughter’s ...Read more