Here Comes Jack Frost

Winter arrives Thursday morning…and so, it appears, will winter weather. Forecasters say cold and snow will make its way into the state on Thursday into Friday. The National Weather Service says ...Read more

MCSD Meets Tonight

The Marshalltown Community School District’s board will discuss the upcoming legislative session with State Representative Mark Smith during this evening’s school board meeting. The meeting ...Read more

Food Piling Up

The Department of Natural Resources sorted through some landfills around the state in October. One thing investigators found was that the amount of food waste has nearly doubled since 2011. The ...Read more

Talking Trash

The Department of Natural Resources says that analysis of the states largest cities trash tells us we are not recycling enough! Tom Anderson for the DNR says the October study showed that tons of ...Read more

Toys for Tots!

Toys for Tots, a US Marine Corp program started in 1947 to gift children who parent was killed during World War 2 is up and running this year! The charitable program states that some 110,000 ...Read more

So close…

The Marshalltown Area United Way “final report” yesterday to supports found the 2018 fund raising campaign to be at 96 percent of its seven hundred fifty thousand dollar goal. As of yesterday, ...Read more

Another Gold Bar!

If you see Major Ben Stilwell of the Salvation Army in and around Marshalltown, you may need to reign him in. For the third time in the last two weeks, a one ounce gold bar has been dropped into a ...Read more