Eagles Back In The State

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, eagles have returned to Iowa, especially along the Mississippi River. The bald eagles hunt over open water, so as other rivers ice over, they majestic ...Read more


This year makes the 50th anniversary of the death of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Governor Kim Reynolds will designate today as Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a celebration later today. Kim ...Read more

Fatal Accident

Three people, a mom, dad and q nine year old girl, were killed in a traffic accident in Cedar Falls yesterday. According to witnesses, a sedan traveling at 80 to 100 miles per house struck the SUV ...Read more

Medicaid Agreement

If you have a Medicaid plan with Unity Point Health and Amerigroup Iowa, you’ll still be covered under that plan. The two companies have announced a new agreement on a Medicaid Health Plan ...Read more

Flu Related Deaths Rising

The flu continues to result in deaths around the Hawkeye State, especially among the elderly. The Iowa Department of Public Health reports eight more flu-related deaths in the last week. Since ...Read more

Car Sales Down In Iowa

Iowans didn’t buy as many new cars in 2017 as they did in 2016, but the margin wasn’t down that much. The Iowa Automobile Dealers Association reports sales dipped in 2017 by 299 vehicles. The ...Read more