The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday that and addition 25 people have become ill from eating lettuce contaminated with the E. coli bacteria.  In total, 197 people ...Read more

Happy Birthday

As you may have heard, 1230 KFJB urns 95 years old tomorrow. As part of the celebration, KFJB has donated a 950-dollar scholarship to the Marshalltown Community College Foundation. The scholarship ...Read more

RAGBRAI Preps Continue

While late July may seem far away to you and I, it is coming up rapdily for the folks in State Center who are planning for the July 25th stop for RAGBRAI. For instance, tomorrow is the deadline for ...Read more

EAB In Ames

That little ole Emerald Ash Borer has now found its way into the City of Ames. The invasive beetle had previously been spotted in Story County, but was just recently spied for the first time in the ...Read more

Arson Suspect

A Montezuma volunteer firefighter has been arrested on arson charges. 20-year-old Chance Beres (BAIR-iss) was taken into custoday in connection with a structure fire in a rural part of Poweseik ...Read more

Make Marshalltown Home

The Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce has unveiled a plan to welcome new residents to the community. Make Marshalltown Home is hoping to reach out and make connections with folks moving into ...Read more

Filling The Ford

You can help make an arrest this Saturday in Marshalltown, by taking part in the Arresting Hunger Food Drive with the Marshalltown Police Department. This year, it’s time to fill the new Ford ...Read more