Doris Day

Pizza Box

A great way to start the week when I read about this…A New York pizzeria creates edible pizza box out of pizza!! I thought I have got to see this so here is it!! The pizza box pizza starts ...Read more

Bridal Buddy!

Wedding season is almost here! I thought I would share with you something that will help the bride on her special day. It’s called the Bridal Buddy! It helps brides go to the bathroom. It ...Read more

Lighthouse Opry

I had heard about the Lighthouse Opry for several years since I get info for country shows in the area, but it was not until I found out that Marcia Burgess worked with my husband did I finally ...Read more

April Fool!!

I think my voice tricked me!! My voice started going last night at a friend’s house. I had hoped with eating yummy ice cream before going to bed my voice would be back today. Alas my voice ...Read more

Easter Leftovers

You have leftovers from Easter – both food and candy, what to do with them? According to a Romanian skin care expert your Easter leftovers can make great facial masks. Elena Schnell says fat ...Read more

Cat Rant

I know what it is like to contend with an unpredictable cat. We have one and I learned the hard way how to read a cat. I am by no means a Jackson Galaxy(he is the Cat Daddy, written books and hosts ...Read more

The Last One

It was the last Parent Teacher Student Conference of my life and my son’s, he graduates in May. Nope he is not attending college in the fall. He is not sure what he wants to do. I remember ...Read more