Good Sports weekend

This past weekend was a good sports weekend.  My favorite part…Hockey Day In America!  I love hockey1  I watched the Blackhawks / Wild game and loved it.  Nice to see the Wild back to ...Read more

Grammy Awards Over

The Grammy Awards are over for another year.  On the country side of things there was really no big surprise.  It was a great night for Little Big Town and a foregone conclusion that they would ...Read more

My Voice

I got a call today after I mentioned about my voice not being 100%. Sherry told me I should try this sure fire way to help my voice. She said take a large white onion (because they are stronger ...Read more

My Voice!

What would be a bad thing to lose? I am not talking about stuff right now although I have lost more then my share of stuff. I am talking about my voice. I have been drinking Gyspy Cold Care Tea ...Read more

The Walking Dead Returns

    Well it is finally back on TV…The Walking Dead! It seems like these mid-season breaks last forever. We shall see who lives and who gets eaten this Sunday night with the return ...Read more