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Marshalltown to Lighten Up

by KIX101.1 /1230 KFJB News Department posted Jan 29 2014 11:57AM
The downfall of incandescent light bulbs is going to feel the affects here in Marshalltown. According to Dave Daters, Facilities Superintendent, the city is planning to make the switch over to better and brighter LED street lighting.
“This project includes the lights that we take care of,” says Daters, “the ones along Main Street, Center Street, and the Center Street Viaduct.”
Currently, the majority of the lighting in those areas are still lit with incandescent bulbs. However, with the way the city is changing, all of those will soon be fit with the more energy efficient LED bulbs.
The city is hoping to put the plan into place soon. The way the project will work is: As the old light bulbs go bad, the city, along with Alliant Energy and Sustainable Solutions, will change out the existing lights over the next three years.
“As those existing older lights go bad, we will replace them with LED lights. So, we see a savings from that in the electrical charges that we pay for those street lights.”
If you look around the city you can notice where the changes have already been made. The locations include the sign at Riverside Park and many light fixtures on Center Street. And there is one big, yet subtle, difference you will notice.
“They have a different color of light,” Daters says.
“The color that you see is a whiter light, and they have a broader range too.”
The retrofitting project is expected to cost $32,000. However, Daters does say after the change the city is expected to save an estimated $18,000 in electric and maintenance costs.
--By 1230 KFJB Reporter Katherine Fritcke
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01/29/2014 11:57AM
Marshalltown to Lighten Up
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