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Marshalltown's IA River Gun Club Parking Hits Another Roadblock

by KIX101.1 /1230 KFJB News Department posted Jan 23 2014 10:20AM
When Fisher banned smoking from all locations at their facility, including parking lots, the Iowa River Gun Club felt the affects with the loss of parking spaces. And Rob Christensen, spokesperson for the gun club says, this change had some unfortunate consequences.
"Fisher has impacted us quite adversely," Christensen says," I don't believe they have impacted anybody else within the community, but they have impacted us."

What the gun club is hoping for is reserved spots for club members to use during league activities. Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper says enforcement wouldn't’t really be an issue.
"Parking violations are really complaint driven. So, we wouldn't really be dedicating extra time to enforcement resources looking for violations, we would rely on the complaints."

However, Tupper does say that by granting the private spots, it could start a trend of businesses wanting to do the same.
"I think it sets a dangerous precedent," he says,"where a lot of other places in town, and I can think of a few, that would like to have this same opportunity."

And as Chief Tupper points out, it could get an undesirable ball rolling.

"And then the next thing you know, we don't have any public parking available, because it's all reserved for private companies."

The Marshalltown City Council will make its final vote on the parking spaces at the next City Council meeting on January 25th.

--By 1230 KFJB Reporter Katherine Fritcke
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01/23/2014 10:24AM
Marshalltown's IA River Gun Club Parking hits another roadblock- The Marshalltown PD
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