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Marshall Co. Students Learn How the Government Works

by KIX101.1 /1230 KFJB News Department posted Jan 31 2014 10:38AM
Senator Steve Sodders, of State Center, is helping students in Marshall County learn how the government works.
“About every year I get invited to West Marshall, sometimes over to East Marshall, to talk to the Government teacher,” he says, “And what I try to do is set the kids up I kind of a real life situation.”
The class is then split into the House and the Senate. And from there, the ideas flowed and the class came up with pertinent and possible bills.
“And they have to fight it out. Then what ever whatever gets shuck out, before I come in, we discuss those bills.”
This plan is one that works. While their first attempt to get all pre-licensed drivers to drive with a DOT Officer before getting their license fell through due to the realization there would be a lack of funding, another idea came to fruition. Their most recent bill brought the Iowa Code under consideration when it came to schools and philanthropy.
“The kids found that the school student council, in the Iowa Code, they can raise money, but they can only spend the money on the entire student body.”
The Sen. Sodders gave the example: if a classmates house burned down, the school could not come together to raise funds for the family. That mean’ that no matter the circumstance, or who they were attempting to help, the money the council and school rose, had to be spent on all the students.
While that is not a bad plan, it just meant schools could not do anything to help an individual student or their family, going through a tough time. It was then revealed by Sen. Sodders the example he gave was an actual situation, which the students saw as unfair.
“They wanted to have something to encourage students to do philanthropic things. To raise money and spend it on their community.”
The first attempt to pass this bill was not accepted, Sodders says. But the students, dedicated to the cause, did not give up.
“They brought it up again and they made changes to the bill, no different than we would do. Then, I reintroduced the new bill. And in the new bill, the change in it says, what ever you raise, you have to spend it in your school district.”
Senator Sodders does say he is willing to work with other area educators on bill projects like these.

--By 1230 KFJB Reporter Katherine Fritcke
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01/31/2014 10:38AM
Marshall Co. Students Learn How the Government Works
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