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HUSH Program Supports Food Bank of Iowa

by KIX101.1/ 1230 KFJB News Department posted Oct 14 2013 2:22PM
Deer hunting season is upon us and there is a way that you can hunt and support a good cause according to Jim Coffey who is the HUSH coordinator from the Department of Natural Resources. HUSH is an acronym for "Help Us Stop Hunger." It's a full partnership between the DNR, the Food Bank of Iowa, and participating lockers across the state. "It will allow hunters to donate an extra deer, or any deer that's legally harvested to the program to be processed," and Coffey says, "the meat is donated back into the local community to the people who can use it."

Coffey says the HUSH program serves multiple purposes.The program was originally used to address the growing deer population. It was then recognized that this growing population could allow for hunters to hunt and provide aid to a charity. "It allows hunters who have excess deer, or excess meat, to donate that to people they knew that needed it in their community." And as long as you have a proper hunting license and access to a participating meat locker, it is simple to donate.  

According to the DNR website, there are a few things you need to know:
  • All deer hunters must have a deer permit to harvest deer, whether or not they donate the deer to HUSH. Donated deer must be tagged before being transported, just as any other harvest deer.
  • Any legally-taken, wild Iowa deer from any season and any sex may be donated at any one of the lockers shown on the HUSH Locker List map.
  • Hunters must donate the whole deer.
  • Deer must be feild dressed; lockers prefer a clean carcass without mud on the hide.
  • Lockers also prefer the carcass NOT be frozen.
  • Deer hunters must fill out a Hunter HUSH card at the locker for each deer donated.
  • HUSH does NOT accept road killed deer.
  • Lockers cannot require hunters to skin or bone HUSH deer.
  • There is no additional fee to be paid at the locker. (But all deer licencse include a $1.00 per deer surcharge to fund the HUSH program.)

Last year more than 5,200 deer were donated, generating 880,000 meals.

--By 1230 KFJB Reporter Katherine Fritcke

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10/14/2013 2:21PM
HUSH Program supports Iowa Food Bank
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