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Gas prices update!

by KIX101.1 /1230 KFJB News Department posted Dec 3 2013 8:46AM
The latest gas price figures from Triple A indicate prices are on the way back up after having gone down last month.
Gail Weinholzer represents Triple A of Iowa and Minnesota and says the national average was the same at the beginning and end of the month at 3.27 a gallon.
She says the lowest national average of the month was 3.18 on November 12th which was the lowest since February 22nd of 2012.
Weinholzer says prices could drop some 10-15 cents by the end of the month, and she also says 1 in ten stations in the nation are selling gas for less than 3 dollars a gallon.
She says nationwide Missouri has the lowest average as of December 2nd.
The average price as of December 2nd in Des Moines was 3.13 a gallon.
The highest Iowa gas price in the last five years for the record was 4.73 a gallon on July 18th of 2008.
The prices at the pumps in Marshalltown slipped below the 3 dollar a gallon for a while and then edged above that mark.


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12/03/2013 8:46AM
Gas prices update!
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