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Doris Day

Doris Day                    
Age: ah…do I have to… I’d rather say how much I weigh. I will tell you my birthday is September 21, 19__
Hometown: Fountain City, Wisconsin, grew up on a farm outside of town
Brothers/Sisters: one brother and half sister 
Pets: Sammy the cat 
When did you start at KIX 101.1: 2004 Wow! It seems like yesterday 
One thing you could not live without: food! Right? 
Worst job ever: Telemarketer 
What is your favorite TV Show: what day of the week is it? 
If you weren’t in radio, what would you be: something in country music or stand-up comedy which means I would be unemployed 
Favorite vacation spot: Door County in Wisconsin or Nashville, TN 
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate covered strawberries & classical music 
Name one bad habit you wish you could break: Opening my mouth when I shouldn’t 
Biggest pet peeve: People not putting stuff BACK where it belongs!! 
What was one of your most memorable radio moments: On stage introductions of Garth Brooks and Alabama.
Favorite food: depends on my mood 
What movie do you HAVE to watch if you see it on TV: Men In Black both I and II 
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi!! 
Favorite song: changes weekly 
If you could meet one person, who would it be: singer songwriter Paul Overstreet 
What phrase do others say you use too much: “Ok, fine, whatever” 
Favorite TV show: see the above
Celebrity crushes: Matthew “Beef it’s what for dinner” Mathew McConaughey I love his voice
Favorite month of the year? September
Is the glass half-full or half empty: Half full
Dream Car: Mustang
Favorite websites: of course,
The world would not be the same without what: God, family and friends

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