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Class 2A Wrestling Results

by KIX 101.1/ 1230 KFJB Sports Department posted Feb 21 2014 9:57AM
Class 2A
Round 1 (16 Man)
Weight: 106

Dante Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Alden) 31-10 won by major decision over Carter Cox (Atlantic) 24-7 (MD 8-0)

Josh Keller (Columbus Community, Columbus Junction) 37-6 won by fall over Zackary Snyder (Estherville Lincoln Central) 24-23 (Fall 0:55)

Nate Lasher (Charles City) 28-11 won by decision over Britton Gibson (Winterset) 33-10 (Dec 4-0)

Tristan Birt (Wahlert, Dubuque) 39-4 won by decision over Eric Lenz (Tipton) 38-3 (Dec 8-1)

Brennen Doebel (Clear Lake) 35-1 won by fall over Wil Beach (Harlan) 34-11 (Fall 1:57)

Brayden Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 19-1 won by fall over Andrew Waite (Washington) 28-15 (Fall 4:55)

Connor Cleveland (New Hampton) 42-1 won by fall over Bailey Tuma (Van Meter) 41-15 (Fall 1:03)

Derek Holschlag (Union, LaPorte City) 41-6 won by fall over Bryant Woodford (Central Clinton, DeWitt) 23-17 (Fall 3:34)

Weight: 113

Patrick Woods (West Delaware, Manchester) 43-1 won by fall over Kyle Anderson (Washington) 37-9 (Fall 1:01)

Brock Rathbun (Center Point-Urbana) 43-0 won by major decision over Mitch Evens (Independence) 33-20 (MD 16-2)

Devin Phaly (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 47-7 won by decision over Carter Barkema (Hampton-Dumont) 34-11 (Dec 9-7)

Brady Kyner (Carlisle) 34-2 won by decision over Kade VanKirk (Perry) 39-14 (Dec 6-2)

Jacob Fenske (Assumption, Davenport) 32-7 won by decision over Shea Swafford (Mediapolis) 39-9 (Dec 11-4)

Brandon Mayer (Crestwood) 38-2 won by decision over Max Wehage (Vinton-Shellsburg) 33-10 (Dec 3-0)

Ryan Leisure (Clear Lake) 35-3 won by major decision over Samuel Klarenbeek (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) 41-3 (MD 12-1)

Kruz Adamson (Creston) 38-6 won by decision over Austin Pontier (Interstate 35, Truro) 44-12 (Dec 4-0)

Weight: 120

Fletcher Green (Washington) 43-0 won by decision over Chase Lienhard (Crestwood) 38-11 (Dec 7-1)

Brendan Gould (Assumption, Davenport) 35-5 won by decision over Ryan Schmalen (Clear Lake) 11-2 (Dec 6-2)

Colton Milosevich (Woodward-Granger) 42-3 won by fall over Connor Ascherl (MOC-Floyd Valley) 37-6 (Fall 1:04)

Dillion Cox (Atlantic) 47-5 won by decision over Louis Gnida (Solon) 39-6 (Dec 8-1)

Johnny Etherington (Charles City) 27-3 won by decision over Mason Buster (Mediapolis) 38-12 (Dec 5-4)

Elliot Henderson (West Liberty) 40-4 won by decision over Freddie Seeley (Webster City) 33-21 (Dec 10-4)

Oakley Sengchan (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 38-13 won by fall over Derek Koster (Winterset) 18-22 (Fall 3:37)

Blake Luna (Clarinda) 38-3 won by fall over Ryder Albertsen (Union, LaPorte City) 30-13 (Fall 2:54)

Weight: 126

Zach Underhill (East Marshall, LeGrand) 45-7 won by fall over Nathan Macki (Ballard) 19-10 (Fall 3:34)

Darrian Schwenke (Atlantic) 49-1 won by major decision over Brice Everson (Camanche) 36-7 (MD 15-3)

Shadow Leshen (Albia) 59-0 won by decision over Mason Miller (Winterset) 24-4 (Dec 4-2)

Efrain Anzua (MOC-Floyd Valley) 35-5 won by fall over Maxwell Forsyth (Charles City) 22-11 (Fall 5:47)

Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story, Story City) 31-7 won by fall over Dylan Beaver (Benton Community) 14-8 (Fall 0:17)

Sam Phillips (West Delaware, Manchester) 40-4 won by fall over Dylan Forkner (Greene County) 37-6 (Fall 4:38)

Caleb Coleman (Bondurant-Farrar) 36-7 won by major decision over Tristan Clark (Pcm, Monroe) 35-10 (MD 12-3)

Brady Jennings (Osage) 41-3 won by major decision over Duece Phaly (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 39-19 (MD 9-0)

Weight: 132

Brock Jennings (Osage) 35-10 won by decision over Jordan Challen (Greene County) 37-7 (Dec 12-7)

Oscar Ramirez (Estherville Lincoln Central) 41-1 won by fall over Kade Steuhm (Solon) 24-5 (Fall 1:30)

Bryce Leshen (Albia) 52-0 won by fall over Ryan Faught (Clear Lake) 29-9 (Fall 1:02)

Trevor Harsh (Adm, Adel) 37-13 won by decision over Connor Wickman (West Delaware, Manchester) 29-15 (Dec 1-0)

Hunter Slifka (Crestwood) 40-3 won in tie breaker - 1 over Alexander Schmitz (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 38-7 (TB-1 4-3)

Hunter Morrow (Cherokee) 32-5 won by fall over Nick Hyland (Vinton-Shellsburg) 36-5 (Fall 3:03)

Mitchell Broer (Ballard) 38-5 won by decision over Tristan Pohren (Washington) 45-7 (Dec 6-5)

Eric Clarke (Assumption, Davenport) 28-10 won by major decision over Austin Moen (Saydel) 28-11 (MD 8-0)

Weight: 138

Elijah Dahl (MOC-Floyd Valley) 41-1 won in sudden victory - 1 over Tionte Parks (Assumption, Davenport) 29-10 (SV-1 6-4)

Bradley Conley (Mediapolis) 43-6 won by fall over Tommy Bradshaw (Greene County) 41-3 (Fall 2:47)

Grant Sherman (Saydel) 37-4 won by decision over Ryan Muller (Mount Vernon) 26-19 (Dec 7-6)

Andres Gonzalez (Clear Lake) 36-0 won by major decision over Christian Fox (Osage) 43-5 (MD 14-3)

Cody Naber (Beckman Catholic,Dyersville) 42-3 won by fall over Cain Blenderman (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 33-22 (Fall 3:44)

Kieran Robuck (Knoxville) 37-6 won by fall over Joey Huntington (Creston) 38-12 (Fall 3:50)

Max Thomsen (Union, LaPorte City) 46-0 won by fall over Chase Wyant (Van Meter) 44-11 (Fall 1:07)

Wyatt Forsyth (Charles City) 28-6 won by decision over Wyatt Rhoads (Gilbert) 43-10 (Dec 12-5)

Weight: 145

Garret Jay (Grinnell) 39-7 won by decision over Jacob Powers (Webster City) 41-7 (Dec 6-5)

Chase Shiltz (Creston) 49-4 won by fall over Steven Garcia (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 47-6 (Fall 1:59)

Chase Straw (Independence) 48-0 won by fall over Carter Cahill (Central Clinton, DeWitt) 18-13 (Fall 4:17)

Bradley Irwin (Centerville) 42-13 won by decision over Trevor McLaughlin (Union, LaPorte City) 45-4 (Dec 7-4)

Austin Long (Algona) 31-12 won by tech fall over Race Brant (Woodward-Granger) 37-11 (TF-1.5 5:25 (15-0))

Zach Skopec (Spirit Lake Park) 46-0 won by decision over Jared Eischeid (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) 31-5 (Dec 6-3)

Tristen Finch (Assumption, Davenport) 37-3 won by major decision over Alex Mitchell (Charles City) 18-6 (MD 10-0)

Cole Erickson (Mediapolis) 34-2 won by tech fall over Aaron Schultz (Williamsburg) 44-10 (TF-1.5 5:45 (18-1))

Weight: 152

Seth Stetzel (Perry) 37-5 won by major decision over Kory Kuecker (Algona) 33-10 (MD 15-1)

Griffin Osing (Albia) 37-5 won by fall over Blake Gjerde (Estherville Lincoln Central) 37-11 (Fall 2:45)

Brody Beck (Grinnell) 50-1 won by decision over Zach Milks (Charles City) 30-6 (Dec 3-2)

Danny Bush (Assumption, Davenport) 40-3 won by decision over Cole Reiter (Union, LaPorte City) 36-14 (Dec 3-0)

Jeremy Scheuermann (Greene County) 42-5 won by decision over Tanner Hild (Webster City) 32-7 (Dec 7-3)

Bret Tomoson (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 46-3 won by fall over Drew Buster (Mediapolis) 46-5 (Fall 3:43)

Zach Johnston (Adm, Adel) 36-7 won by decision over Douglas Perrin (Osage) 27-8 (Dec 5-2)

Michael Neal (Vinton-Shellsburg) 29-4 won by decision over Mason Cousins (Central Clinton, DeWitt) 26-14 (Dec 12-7)

Weight: 160

Brett Leshen (Albia) 51-1 won by decision over Jake Voss (West Delaware, Manchester) 40-5 (Dec 5-3)

Jacob Holschlag (Union, LaPorte City) 45-1 won by fall over Ryan Woods (Osage) 36-14 (Fall 2:57)

Beau Sorenson (Forest City) 44-8 won by decision over Dylon Van't Hof (Sioux Center) 37-2 (Dec 7-4)

Tayler Pettit (Creston) 39-20 won by decision over Landon Schuessler (North Polk, Alleman) 19-3 (Dec 4-1)

Drew Foster (Mediapolis) 49-2 won by major decision over Trace Timmons (Assumption, Davenport) 29-17 (MD 10-1)

Nick Baumler (North Fayette Valley) 40-2 won by decision over Vic Malloy (Williamsburg) 41-13 (Dec 12-5)

Alex Oswald (Webster City) 35-5 won by decision over David Trucksess (Spirit Lake Park) 28-11 (Dec 6-1)

J.J. Clark (Clarinda) 42-6 won by decision over Colton Ranney (Central Decatur, Leon) 44-14 (Dec 7-4)

Weight: 170

Adam Drain (Mediapolis) 33-3 won by decision over Dillon Johnson (Osage) 33-12 (Dec 3-2)

Tyler Frideres (Algona) 34-4 won by fall over Weslee Haynes (Wahlert, Dubuque) 38-7 (Fall 5:33)

Jake Sherman (Saydel) 37-3 won by decision over Zach De Jager (Western Christian/Unity Christian) 37-6 (Dec 10-5)

Trey Ryan (Mount Vernon) 44-4 won by fall over Dusty Swindler (Clarinda) 38-16 (Fall 1:42)

Tyler Lutes (BCLUW, Conrad) 43-2 won by decision over Dalton Folkerts (Albia) 55-5 (Dec 4-3)

Brent Lammers (West Delaware, Manchester) 40-4 won by decision over Grant Lehmann (Hampton-Dumont) 34-12 (Dec 7-3)

Jacob Bair (Clarke, Osceola) 35-9 won by fall over Mitchell Sandbulte (Sioux Center) 36-8 (Fall 2:21)

Trevor Frain (Creston) 50-3 won by decision over Kolton Smith (South Tama County, Tama) 21-9 (Dec 8-1)

Weight: 182

Connor Nosbisch (Clear Lake) 32-8 won by decision over Jordan Challis (Tipton) 41-6 (Dec 7-6)

Riley Hasken (Wahlert, Dubuque) 40-6 won by decision over Adam Baker (Creston) 46-10 (Dec 8-2)

Phirom Peterschmidt (Mid-Prairie, Wellman) 40-2 won by decision over Trenton Wells (Central Decatur, Leon) 45-8 (Dec 8-4)

Cash Wilcke (OA-BCIG) 45-1 won by fall over Chase Reising (Oelwein) 27-5 (Fall 1:58)

Joe Teague (Algona) 41-0 won by fall over Mitchell Spenler (Williamsburg) 38-11 (Fall 1:23)

Gabriel Rangel (Assumption, Davenport) 37-5 won by fall over Cain Johanns (Clarinda) 29-17 (Fall 5:00)

Julio Sanchez (Grinnell) 46-5 won by decision over Brad Skubal (Washington) 38-8 (Dec 2-1)

Kyle Fank (Independence) 47-1 won by decision over Stefan Kinsinger (MOC-Floyd Valley) 36-8 (Dec 8-2)

Weight: 195

Matt McMillan (Independence) 40-9 won in sudden victory - 1 over Seth Maitlen (Creston) 38-11 (SV-1 5-3)

Christian Brobst (Bishop Heelan Catholic, Sioux City) 44-2 won by fall over Dalton Vest (South Tama County, Tama) 24-12 (Fall 0:24)

Steven Holloway (Mediapolis) 33-1 won by fall over Dylan Fielder (Webster City) 41-4 (Fall 1:17)

Jared Keenan (Grinnell) 38-8 won by fall over Chase Kraklio (Central Clinton, DeWitt) 33-13 (Fall 1:24)

Cale Stork (Harlan) 46-3 won by fall over Zach Lamphere (Oelwein) 39-9 (Fall 1:01)

Darin Greenfield (Sheldon/South O'Brien) 21-6 won by decision over Jace Hadachek (Union, LaPorte City) 38-9 (Dec 7-4)

Carter Isley (Albia) 54-1 won by decision over Reed Dreyer (Humboldt) 40-6 (Dec 9-4)

Chase Hager (Assumption, Davenport) 18-11 won by fall over Lonnie Harper (Interstate 35, Truro) 40-10 (Fall 1:37)

Weight: 220

Zach Adrian (Assumption, Davenport) 26-8 won by fall over Chase Bonner (Estherville Lincoln Central) 44-5 (Fall 6:36)

Tyler Christensen (Atlantic) 44-7 won by fall over Brock Caviness (Knoxville) 19-28 (Fall 2:34)

Josh Cannon (Mount Vernon) 39-4 won by fall over Anthony Clayton (Grinnell) 40-15 (Fall 2:48)

Kendrick Suntken (Hampton-Dumont) 34-5 won by fall over Travis McMillan (Oelwein) 31-15 (Fall 4:41)

Stephen Kruse (Louisa-Muscatine) 33-5 won by decision over Taylor Christensen (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 33-14 (Dec 6-0)

Dallon Bendorf (Harlan) 41-7 won by decision over Mark Ramirez (Columbus Community, Columbus Junction) 41-5 (Dec 4-2)

Lance Evans (Solon) 28-0 won by fall over Spencer Benton (Van Meter) 49-6 (Fall 3:46)

Tyler Johansen (North Fayette Valley) 38-2 won by decision over Alex Silberstein (Ballard) 35-15 (Dec 7-3)

Weight: 285

Tyler Putney (Forest City) 46-4 won by fall over Nathan Heath (Adm, Adel) 37-10 (Fall 3:32)

Gregory Palma (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) 23-7 won by decision over Dakota Calfee (Clarinda) 36-8 (Dec 5-2)

Dalton Lape (North Fayette Valley) 31-6 won by fall over Dylan VanDusen (West Liberty) 34-8 (Fall 4:51)

Logan Linderbaum (Solon) 34-8 won by fall over Dillon Wagner (Mediapolis) 29-25 (Fall 1:36)

Mario Pena (Hampton-Dumont) 39-5 won by fall over Bobby Heilman (Interstate 35, Truro) 41-13 (Fall 3:25)

Darian Tillman (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) 41-14 won by decision over Jezidiah Phippen (Atlantic) 35-23 (Dec 4-2)

Daniel Pike (Monticello) 37-3 won by decision over Mitch Ciesielski (Independence) 16-13 (Dec 1-0)

Kyle Davis (Columbus Community, Columbus Junction) 40-3 won in sudden victory - 1 over Quintin Taylor (Benton Community) 40-6 (SV-1 5-1)

02/21/2014 9:57AM
Class 2A Wrestling Results
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