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Braley, "There is no reason they can't work together."

by KIX101.1/ 1230 KFJB News Department posted Oct 16 2013 3:04PM
With the end of the government shutdown nearing a close the two national parties have had to come together. When Representative Bruce Braley visited Marshalltown recently he saw how well people worked together.
Braley says he made a few observations when he attended the Marshall County Rotary Club meeting. "There were a lot of small business owners there that I spoke to," Braley says, "Some of those business owners were Republican, some were Democrats, some were Independents. They find ways to work together to promote economic development in Marshall County."
Impressed by how easily people from different backgrounds and beliefs could easily work together to improve Marshall County, Braley says Marshalltown could serve as a model for how the government should work together.
By comparison to the federal government Braley said, "There's no reason the 435 members of the House, and 100 members of the Senate, who come from completely different parts of the country and different walks of life, can't come together in that same way." When it comes to representing their constituents, the best should be given to support who they're representing. "They need to build relationships of trust with each other," Braley says, "and find a way forward to solve these problems, reduce the deficit, and get the economy growing." 
The government has been shut down for 16 days. The senate has drafted a bill that will re-open the government. Washington is hoping to have it signed by dinner time.

--By 1230 KFJB Reporter Katherine Fritcke
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10/16/2013 3:14PM
Braley, "There is mo reason they can't work together."
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