Touchdown Dance Inspires Chad Greenway to Develop New Vodka


If you’re looking for a new type of vodka? Maybe I may have found one for you. Chad Greenway former Iowa Hawkeye and Minnesota Viking has joined a team of supporters to develop their own Vodka called “Gray Duck Hand Crafted Vodka” inspired by the touchdown dance in 2017 against the Chicago Bears and it’s coming to Iowa. Just ask your area liquor store and if they don’t have it they can order it said Chad Greenway.

It all came about after a touchdown dance that got America talking about how a children’s game was played. The Vikings players said they were playing Duck, Duck, Gray Duck and the rest of America plays Duck, Duck,Goose. Chad Greenway realized that Minnesota was the only state to call the game Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.

We have that to thank for new vodka. I can’t wait to try it.

JD Justice

Minnesota Vikings players perform Duck, Duck, Gray Duck and caused a name discussion all over America.


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