Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum fund raising effort is underway

Among the many “stick-in-your-mind” photos in the wake of last year’s tornado was that of the water spurting out of the top of the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum out of the top of the building after the roof of the building had been ripped off and the sprinkler system burst.

As part of a 90th year anniversary, a fund raising effort is underway to help raise funds for the renovation of the iconic building. A committee hopes to raise one-point-35 million dollars to go along with insurance money and city money to complete a 3.6 million dollar project.

A fund raising website, with some of the long history of the Coliseum and plans for the rebuilt Coliseum will be live tomorrow at The hope is for work to begin later this fall with a completion date sometime in 2020, pending the success of the fund raising campaign.