Is 12 Strong Worth Your Money?







Whenever we get a pay check in our house the following weekend means buttered popcorn and date with the best woman in the world. If your house is the same as mine you rotate who picks the flick. This week we both said 12 Strong with Chris Hemsworth was it. I’m sure my better half chose for the hunk and me the story.

In the end it didn’t matter as the movie was action packed and awesome my better half even said she didn’t notice the movie was over 2 hours. I really think if Chris Hemsworth wants he could be the next action star. The story is based on the true story about the first attack on the Taliban after 9/11 they went in on horseback. Michael Shannon received an Oscar nomination for his performance and it is well deserved. Lately we just enjoyed the popcorn, but 12 Strong is worth the time it takes out of your day. Take a look at the preview below and see for yourself.

-JD Justice

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