Election Ahead In 2nd Ward

After failing to reach a consensus on the appointment of a 2nd Ward City Council member, the Marshalltown City Council chose last night to forge ahead with a special election for that seat.

During discussion, three motions were made to attempt to set the process in motion toward having that vacancy filled at the January 22nd meeting. After all three motions failed to pass, 1st Ward Councilor Sue Cahill moved to begin the process for a special election to allow the folks living in the 2nd ward to choose their rep. That motion passed and the next step is in the hands of City Clerk Shari Coughenour. She will alert the Marshall County Audiotr/Recorder of the  Council’s decision.

The four folks who were interviewed last Friday for the vacancy on the City Council all indicated at that time that each would campaign for the seat if a special election were held. The election could take place sometime in March.