Marshall County Supervisors met Tuesday

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors met at the County Courthouse Tuesday morning and approved the property tax rates that are payable over the course of the next fiscal year. Supervisor Dave Thompson focusing on the numbers for Marshalltown says the overall rate for this area which has the bulk of the population is down indicating that the numbers for the library levy passed last November are in the computation but the numbers from the recent bond election for the joint police and fire station building project are not reflected yet and won`t be for a while. In other action the Supervisors approved a pay increase for election workers who are designated a Precinct Chairperson from nine to 11.00 dollars per hour. County Auditor/Recorder Deanne Raymond said she wanted to give those workers some extra incentive as election workers are hard to find these days. More action, Blake Jesse was hired as a fall temporary seasonal worker for the Marshall County Conservation Board. Three other temporary election workers for Marshall County, Carol Slifer, Harold Crannell and Keith Noack were given raises from ten to 13 dollars an hour.