Community Support Shown for Local MPD

From the City of Marshalltown – Local Government Facebook Page

“I am not sure where to start.

Over the last week the Marshalltown community has shown tremendous love and support for our police department. Thank you!

This picture is of a wonderful group of children who generously delivered a giant box of snacks and treats for our police officers. Most importantly they delivered several beautifully made cards and signs with messages of support, peace and gratitude. Thank you!

This is just one example of many. Over the last week, Jody Anderson, and the great team at Anderson Funeral Home, put together an inspirational vigil. CIH-Urgent Care has brought treats and messages of support. Today, Bethany Wirin and these beautiful kids visited with messages of hope. Hope United Methodist Church, First Baptist and First Presbyterian churches (just to name a few churches) have joined forces to also send messages of thanks and of course food. Community groups and organizations, which comprise a list too long to recite, have shown tremendous kindness and generosity. There is a list a mile long of wonderful children and compassionate adults who continue to embrace our public safety professionals. I know I am missing someone from the list. For that I sincerely apologize. The list continues to grow each day. Thank you!

The women and men of the Marshalltown Police Department and Marshall County E911 thank you! We are proud of our community. We are proud of our service to you. We are also blessed in so many ways because of you. Your support and kindness mean so much. We do not have the words to properly thank you. Please know that we appreciate everyone and everything and we are inspired by you. Working together as one united community, we will make Marshalltown the best community in Iowa.

Marshalltown Proud!
Chief Tupper”


Photo Credit: City of Marshalltown - Local Government Facebook Page