LeRoy’s Bio

Name:  LeRoy

Age:  old enough to know better…too young to care  (bonus points in you can name that artist)

Hometown:  Quad Cities USA…getting better everyday Quad Cities you’re the place I want to be!!

Brothers/Sisters:   2 sisters

Pets: nope

When did you start at KIX 101.1:   April 7, 2014

One thing you could not live without:  PEPSI

Worst job ever:  slinging meat at the Oscar Mayer plant in Davenport

What is your favorite TV Show:  Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be:  skinny

Favorite vacation spot:  VEGAS

Guilty pleasure:  Pepsi and Vegas

Name one bad habit you wish you could break:  biting fingernails

Biggest pet peeve:  people who can’t merge

What was one of your most memorable radio moments: interviewing Garth Brooks

Favorite food:  enchiladas

What movie do you HAVE to watch if you see it on TV:  Sandlot or CBGB

Coke or Pepsi:  really?  Are you really asking me that??

Favorite song:  ask me tomorrow…it will be different

If you could meet one person, who would it be:  Anthony Bourdain

What phrase do others say you use too much:  dude…or another word that I can’t quite say at work

Celebrity crushes:  since she’s single again…Miranda Lambert

Favorite month of the year?  June

Is the glass half-full or half empty:  is there beer in it?  Then yes there is a glass

Dream Car:  57 chevy nomad

Favorite websites:  reddit.com

The world would not be the same without what:   gravity.  Otherwise we’d all just be floating around