Blog Post…or How I Spent my Saturday Morning

I woke up early in the morning to close the windows, the rain was coming in. I looked outside and noticed the wind blowing the maple tree in our back yard. It seemed to subside so I went back to bed. Fast forward a couple of hours I checked that the rain gauge had close to the 3 inch mark! I am up vacuuming when my daughter calls out “Mom come see the stove” I am thinking, was it left on all night? She said “there is water on it a lot of water” I thought there might have been a leak in the sun tea jar I had placed on the cook-top. We started cleaning up the water. I didn’t see the jar leaking anywhere so I thought I better check the microwave above the stove and sure enough there was water in that too!! I opened the cabinet above the microwave and you guessed it more water! I cleaned out the cabinet and put the spices in boxes. I have almost a full shoe box of candles. I found two knife sets we have never used too. It’s amazing the things that were in it. I made breakfast and found more water on the counter next to the stove. I called my husband to help me move the stove…oh what mess back there! Thankfully not much water but the stuff behind a stove or between the stove and counter top can be NASTY!! I spent the remainder of the morning cleaning the stove.

I know there was a lot of damage from the storm. I even saw the branch hanging from the wires across 3rd Street by Hogland school. I will have to take a picture of that!!